1. They made their youtube account on July 7th 2011
2. James has a celeb crush on Ashley Tisdale
3. Jai loves Justin Beiber
4. The Janoskians like 1D
5. Skips Birthday is Halloween
6. Jais fav movie is step brothers
7. Beaus fav movie is the titanic
8. Jais middle name is Domenic
9. Luke Anthony Mark Brooks or L.A.M.B
10. Luke and Jai were in a commercial when they were only 7 or 8 it only aired in Japan
11. Beaus fav actor is Leonardo Decaprio
12. Daniel isnt a big AFL fan but he loves soccer
13. Luke and Jai have curly hair but Beaus is straight
14. If James had to choose which Janoskian he was closest to he would choose Jai because he has known longest
15. Luke has never gone over seas
16.The Brooks bros are all around 170cms tall
17. James wants a girl that has a great personality is confident and respects herself
18. Luke finds Itallian Asian and Spanish girls the most attractive
19. Beau likes girls shorter then him
20. Luke and Beau have both been suspended
21. James goes for Carlton
22. Luke likes girls that are cute down to earth respectful and loyal
23. Daniel is around 160cms tall
24. Jai wants a girl with nice eyes and a nice smile
25. The youngest James would date is 14
26. The Brooks brothers all go for essedon
27. Louis is Jais fav boy in 1D
28. James likes the cinnamon challenge more then the milk
29. A fan once held Daniels hands up against a wall and tried to hook up with him
30. Lukes fav colour is blue
31. Luke is older then Jai by 2 mins
32. Luke finds it offensive when people dont even try to tell the difference between him and Jai
33. James preffers brunettes
34. Daniel is afraid of bees
35. Beau is scared of the dark
36. Jai is scared of leaving school and spiders
37. Luke is afraid of crossing roads
38. James is scared of being chocked by a stranger in the bath
39. James fav colours are blue and green
40. The Brooks bros have a small dog called LaLa