Yesterday in New York city Jai and Ariana met for the first time! Jai and Ariana went for a stroll throughout the city and stopped to take photos with some fans! Jai will be staying in New York for about 10 days, his released information through twitter that himself and the rest of the boys will be spending a lot more time in America! which should be great for his and Ariana's relationship! It is said that before Ariana met Jai (when she was drving back from the airport) she stopped for Mac Donalds! haha. She then went for a walk in the city to find Jai while taking photos with fans!

Frankie also brought his shiny new years boots! ;)

Below are 2 photos of Jai and Ari with fans!
Ari and Jai with a fan!
Jai and Ari with a fan!