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Interview by Staff Writer Rachel Grubb

Ms. Grubb chats a bit with Scott McClure of The Joker Blogs about why he's doing what he's doing and what he hopes to do in the future.

I first spoke to Scott McClure about a year ago after seeing him in the first few episodes of the Joker Blogs . I asked him to do an in-character interview as the Joker (and Dr Harleen Quinzel) for The Chainsaw Mafia which he was kind enough to do. And while he makes a great Joker, there is much more to him than just that. I was grateful to have a chance to talk with him again, this time as himself.

Rachel: Can you explain how The Joker Blogs came about?

Scott:It's been a very collaborative effort. Definitely seeing people's reactions on opening day for The Dark Knight was a large part of it. And I think knowing that, most likely, we wouldn't be seeing much of a continuation with that character. That started us brainstorming about what a realistic YouTube series could be like and the story-line blossomed quite naturally from there. It very quickly became serial-oriented as opposed to stand-alone and episodic.

Rachel: Were you a fan of Batman before you saw The Dark Knight? Were you familiar with the comic books?

Scott: I've enjoyed these characters for most of my life. I'm not an avid comic book reader, but I have enjoyed several of the graphic novels. And of course when Batman Begins came out and they were able to tell the story in such a realistic and still enjoyable way was very satisfying. And The Dark Knight goes without saying. Christopher Nolan is an excellent storyteller. He's just brilliant.

Rachel: Can you tell us about your acting experience outside of The Joker Blogs?

Scott: I've done a few plays over the years, and I'm always working on a film project, either for myself or for others. I was fortunate enough to work on several projects while at school. And of course now there's auditions and some background and music video work.

Rachel: How did you become interested in acting?

Scott: It was a dangerous side-effect from the storytelling. I would be putting together a short film or play at an early age and didn't have anyone to be in it so I would do it. Then it just became a habit, part of the process, I suppose. Really hadn't thought too seriously about it until a couple years ago.

Rachel: That's like me! I went to school for writing, but then I started acting in my stuff. So what are your goals as an actor?

Scott: To find work! Ha, and of course writing is probably the strongest passion.

Rachel: What would be your ideal role? know, the obvious.

Scott: Well I hope playing a psychotic clown isn't the obvious thing people think of when they meet me. But there's definitely fun to be had with a well suited role. Right now that's probably 'Boy-next-door-with-an-evil-streak.' When I outgrow that I'll be fine with just the 'Evil-genius-next-door.'

Rachel: What are some of your favorite films, actors, and directors?

Scott: Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first film that made me feel like this was what I wanted to do in life. And that was when I was only three years old. Harrison Ford was responsible for that and is definitely a favorite. I really enjoy Charles Chaplin and Harold Lloyd. And Woody Allen's films have been a major influence as well. I'm also excited that we get to experience so much talent that we wouldn't have been exposed to ten years ago with these internet projects. I'm looking forward to whatever happens next.

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