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morticiaaddams posted on Sep 21, 2009 at 12:37AM
Although we all like the look of Joker's costum, I find the chain he wears gives him a dangerous effect in his "fashion statment" lol. The first time I watched DK I thought he was going to use it as a weapon, and strangle someone with it... but I guess it was just for show. Did anyone else think the same....or was that just me??

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over a year ago luv_heath said…
actually,you know what? i find the chain kinda sexy! HAHA,i know,i know im weird,but idk,like you said,it gives him a dangerous effect but in a good way,i also thought it was edgy to add a chain to an already cool outfit,but that's just me. He'll look hot even wearing a garbage bag.
over a year ago Frizzhead said…
the chains okay :D i expected he would have a knife in his tie
over a year ago HarleyQuinn1 said…
I agree with luv_heath, it does give him a dangerous effect, but in a good way!