The Jonas Brothers Another Joejonas Dream

Babygirl191 posted on Jul 21, 2010 at 11:57PM
me and joe had just gotten up and went to starbuck to go get some coffe for me,kevin,nick,danielle and a pink leamoniad for frankie and as we were coming out of starbucks the fans started to come up to us asaking for our autographs and then after we did that we left and when we got home dalene started to cry that meant she was hungry and then i went to the refrigerater and grabbed a bottle and fed darlene and after i was done i burped her and she pop and me and joe just laughed and then she started to giggle and after i was done burping her my phone started to sing when you look meinthe eyes that was joe's ringtone when he called me and ipicked up my phone and it was atext from joe and itsaid"hey sexy i love u baby and i want it" and ireplyed and said"baby u are so sexy joe and i knew u were going to say that and if u want it u beyyer get upstairs now before i do"and then joe ran up stairs and i ran behinded him and wegot our goove on and then we heard nick knock on the door and i said"comein nick" and the n nick came in and said "their is someone here for u and she says she is your stepsister" and isaid "okay nick iwill be down in a mintue okay " and then me and joe got dressed and went down stairs to find my stepsister sarah and marcso down stairs and i said " what are u doing here sarah andd how did u get this address ?" and then she said "well i got it off of the computer and i wanted to see u and met my new brother in laws, mother and fatherinlaw and my sisiterinlaw, my nicee is that okay?" and i said that is fine let me go change darlene joe and denise can i see u guys in the bedroom now" and then the both of them followed me and i said"joe close the door please why did she show up after two years denise why ?" and then densie said"rissa honey maybe she wanted to make up for lost time " and then joe said "maybe she wants to ,amke up to u baby" and isaid "okay u are both right and ithink iam going to give her a hundred chances"and then we all went back down stairs and darlene started to cry that mean't she was hungry again and i grabbed a bottle out of the frige and sat down on the couch and fed her and then i rocked her to sleep and once she was a sleep i took her up stirs and put her into her crib and closed the door halfway and then i went back down stairs and sat next to joe and held his hand and then i asked nick,kevin,danielle, and sarah and marcos to be quite and isaid"hey u guys please be quite darlene is a sleep " and then after an hour darlene started to cry so i got up and went up stairs and said"hey baby are u up from your nap sweetie come here let mommy take u to daddy " and then i picked her up asnd took her down stairs and handed her to joe and then my phone started to sing lalaland that was miley cyrus 's ringtone when she calls and i said "hey my phone is ring and it is miley" and i answered the phoneand said "hey sis how are u ?" miley said "i am doing gfreat hey what are u doing tomorrow ?" and isaid " i am not doing anything tomorrow why?" miley "because i was wondering if u wanted to come over to my house tomorrow and hang out ?" and isaid "joe just reminded me we have a photo shoot for people mag how about after the phto shoot tomorrow okay" miley "that would be fine sis " and then i hung up the phone and then joesaid"baby u are sososo hotttttt" and isaid "u wantit again joseph don't u?" and joesaid"yes i do " and i said not right now baby but how about tonightbaby ?" and then joe said as he freched kissed me "okay baby thats fine" and then i kissed him on the lips tounge and all and then densie asked me a question "hey rissa does your sister and brotherinlaw want otstay the night tonight ?" and isaid let me ask them " and they just shook their heads yes and then me and joe, started to get tried and so did darlene and then i said "me and joe ,and darlene are going to bed so goodnight" and then me and joe went up stairs and closed the door and put darlene down and we got o ur goove on and then we both fell a sleep and then i woke up in the middle of the night to hear darlene crying and i picked her up and said" it's okay baby mommy is here shshsh it's alright baby did have a bad dream it's okay mommy 's here and then after claming here down she fell back to sleep and iwent back to sleep. the end

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