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posted by KeViN_jAmEs
How many of you have ever wondered how come there isn't a King of Queens Scene it? Please help a fans just like yourself by going to the following link and suggesting a King of Queens edition of Scene It. Posting facts, statistics, pledging to purcase the edition or other related items would greatly help my cause. Perhaps with enough comments and or pledges to buy said Scene It, Screenlife might finally create the long awaited edition of the game. Thank you for your help.

posted by Windrises
The King of Queens is a sitcom. The show stars Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, Nicole Sullivan, and Patton Oswalt.

The Plots:

The show is about Doug Heffernan and his wife Carrie. Doug is a fun, but troublemaking IPS worker who has lots of arguments with Carrie. They live with Carrie's immature dad, Arthur Spooner. The 3 of them have goofy adventures with Doug's friends.

Although Doug and Carrie fighting in every episode could seem tiresome the show is so goofy that it remains funny instead of being tiresome. The antics of Doug and his buddies is pretty entertaining.
The show has 9...
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