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Review by deedragongirl posted over a year ago
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A Royal is waiting for you!
Hi guys, it's been coming to 6 years since I had seen this film and I had to say that I really love the film a lot. So here is my review on the film!

The Story-Line

I actually know the history of the British Royal Family since watching the 2003 miniseries 'The Lost Prince'. In 2010, I watched 'The Young Victoria' and this film in 2011. One of the things that I was very happy was the King managed to give his broadcast during World War II later in the film.
His relationship with his brother, King Edward VIII was smooth but estranged after the latter mocked his stammer. Which I thought that it was a cruel way for his brother to do so, the film also leads up to the abdication crisis later on.
I also love the interaction with Lionel Logue and the King, it really brightens up my day!

The Acting

I absolutely adore Helena Bonham Carter, in my opinion she has a strong chemistry with Colin Firth in this film. When I first watched this film, I keep mistaking King Edward VIII for Brad Pitt, but it's actually Guy Pearce.