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Tina - Kissed a Girl

Tibette - Hot N Cold

Tibette - I Hate This Part Right Here

Bette Porter - Womanizer

Helena Peabody - I feel pretty...

Dean Porter

Bette & Tina - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Bette & Tina - Your Body Is A Wonderland

506 - Jenny&Nikki Get Busted

The L Word vs Lez Girls - It is Fiction

Bette Porter (funny)

509 - Tibette elevator scene

4x07: Helena The Whore

Basketball Extra (Behind the Scenes)

4x06: Papi's Poker Lesson

Shane - Fell in love with a girl

The L Word - Character Quotes

The L Word - Supergirls

The classic b-ball game

Season 5 Helena Prison Scene

Alice and her dildo

The L Word Charlie's Angels Spoof


Shane & Alice Spraypaint Billboard

You Oughta Know (Dana/Alice/Lara)

Dana/Alice - She Bop

Dana Alice Shane & Star Wars Yoda

Dana / Alice - Reflections

Dana/Alice - If You Were Mine

Accidentally in Love (Dana & Alice)

Dana&Alice - Curious

Bette & Tina - I Need To Be Next To You

The L Word - New Season 6 Promo - A Closer Look & We Got The Hits

Shenny "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Crime Scene - first moments of season 6


Season 6 - Shane & Carmen reunion

Alice/Bette/Shane - Hilarious Scene (S4 Finale)

Season 4 Funniest Scenes

Funniest scenes season 5

Pot Brownie Party

fave Alice moments

L Word Best Couple - Danish

L Word Best Couples

More Sex Remix - Let's Talk About Sex

s4 Meet the Ladies

The Art of Seduction

The Most Awesome Make-Out Montage

You're Not Done

Catfight Montage!

The L Word - Shane & Carmen - The Naughty Song

TiBette 506 - The 'Woohoo' Scenes

Sway - The L Word Dance

The L Word - Tina and Bette - lift scene

The L Word S5EP02 Look Out, Here They Come! (part 2)

The L Word - Season 5 - Episode 6

The L Word - Season 5 - Episode 5

The L Word - Season 5 Episode 4

The L Word 5x01

The L Word Season 5 Trailer

The L Word: Lesbian Oil Wrestling

Shane's Life~Silence