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List by Cherry9090 posted over a year ago
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What you'll need:

* Three equal lengths of ribbon. (Each color
you choose will bring something different,
so choose wisely. Apart from RED = LOVE,
and GREEN = PROSPERITY, here are some
other colors you can try:

DARK BLUE = success in long-term plans, and

YELLOW = mental power, wealth, communication
and travel

BROWN = grounding, stability, and endurance

ORANGE = success and prosperity through

* A large safety pin

STEP 1: Regarding the colors of ribbons you
choose.  Not only should you pick an "obvious"
one... like GREEN for prosperity. But you
should also pick colors that SUPPORT prosperity.

Like the dark blue ribbon for success in long-
term plans and clarity... which will both
help bring prosperity.

STEP 2: Setup a basic altar for the following
quick steps...

List by Cherry9090 posted over a year ago
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The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it

Love me or hate me
Both are in my favour
If you love me I'll always be in your heart
If you hate my I'll always be in your mind

We'er all mature until someone pulls out bubble wrap

I didn't fall
The floor just needed a hug

You can't always control who comes into your life
But you can control which window you throw them out of

I didn't say it was your fault
I said I was gonna blame you

Because sometimes
"gosh darn"
"meanie head"
Just don't cover it

I'd slap you stupid
But there's to much stupid in the way

I have a sick and twisted mind
Wanna be my friend

I love everyone
Some I love to be around
Some I love to avoid
And other I'd love to punch in the face

You are so self!
Guide by Cherry9090 posted over a year ago
fan of it?

Did you know you can get as much success out
of simple "daily rituals" as you can out
of spells?

Most people think they need to prepare an
altar, create a sacred space, and cast
a Magick circle... and do a proper spell
every single time.

Not so...

The difference with Magickal daily rituals is:

1. They are SIMPLE...and usually only require
1 or 2 ingredients. (sometimes none!)

2. The must be performed over and over again
for a set amount of time. Each time you do
them, the energy builds towards your goal.

Today, I give you one of my favorite daily

I've had mine "active" for years, and I have
no doubt it has revealed hidden treasures
in my life throughout the years.

Not only can it unlock a door of prosperity
in your life, but it can reveal all sorts
of little miracles...

...new lovers... soul mates... good health...