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mariamerlin said …
Hey guys my Dark Link's story is finely done my parents are going to help me put it online so I will let you all know when it's online and what site to find it on. Posted 23 days ago
Gotrense said …
Well Im kinda new to fanpop,but not to Zelda, please check out my Zelda fan Art that I will keep postinging, fellow fans! Posted 1 month ago
Gotrense commented…
Posting* 1 month ago
mariamerlin said …
Hey guys I'm working on my legend of zelda book and it's called Dark Link's story. It has lots of exiting parts and after I'm done I'll publish it so if you want to know a bit of the story please let me know okay. Thanks everyone. :) Posted 2 months ago
Midnina commented…
Cool! 2 months ago
mariamerlin commented…
Many of you guys love Link because he's the hero. I'm going to upload a video of myself drawing a pic of him. If you want to see my video the link of one of my videos is called How to draw Link and Dark Link part 5 2 months ago
mariamerlin commented…
Thank you and I am also writing a story about Dark Link. Feel free to take a look at it once it's done. 1 month ago