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Lonk meme thing
Link vs Dark link
Dark Link muhahaha
Majora's Mask
Majora's Mask
Link Vs. Ganondrof
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The fans pick: Mia(day)(skyward sword)
Mia(day)(- skyward sword)
puppy(m- ajoras mask)
The fans pick: Human
The fans pick: Green Link
Green Link
Purple Link (Vio)
The fans pick: Midna
Dark Link
The fans pick: Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess
WInd Waker
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The Legend of Zelda Wall

Midnina said …
Hi guys! I just created a club for the new Zelda game coming out next year. Please join it! :D Posted 3 months ago
OliviaHolt143 commented…
Joined :D 3 months ago
mariamerlin commented…
How do you join? I'm a really huge fan of the Zelda stuff. I even made a deku mask for my room. XD 26 days ago
Midnina commented…
Thats awesome!! :D Just go on that link i wrote and click on the green button on he right saying "Join me!" 25 days ago
Midnina said …
Omg I just noticed i have the red medal and im on the top of the best contributors..Im so happy! :D Posted 6 months ago
rinkurinku commented…
That's cool ;) 5 months ago
ImAnEasel commented…
Congratulations! =^^= 3 months ago
OliviaHolt143 commented…
Congrats!!!!! 3 months ago
AmyRoseReal said …
I got Wind Waker HD the other day and oh my god the graphics are so much better than before. Thank you, Almighty Nintendo. Posted 6 months ago
snug commented…
th E CONtROLs 5 months ago