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The Legend of Zelda News Article

The Legend of Zelda game planning issues (2012)

News by NintendoFreak04 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
As a special part of Nintendo, i've decided to shine some light on this series.
Lets talk about the new games. Nintendo let gamers decide which Legend of Zelda title would they want to play and the choices were, Shigeru Miyamoto's pick: A Link to the Past remake, Eiji Aonuma's pick: Majora's Mask remake, or an original Zelda.
The winner won by a longshot... The Majora's Mask remake.
Nintendo hasn't sent me any news when the game will be made, and their's one reason why. There is no studio that will make it.
Now about that problem. Nintendo thought Retro Studios (the studio that makes Metriod games) could make the music. Then Nintendo requested the game to be developed by them. But the thing is that Retro Studios quoted, "they're too busy to work on Zelda." The studio said to work on a title like Zelda would take a lot of time.
So basically if you wanted to play a new Zelda this year or in 2013, well chances are your not gonna get it.
Reminder: This is official news from Nintendo of America, IGN and Retro Studios
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Sorry i ment Metroid
posted over a year ago.