The Legend of Zelda Your own Zelda Game!!!

Tael posted on Jun 24, 2010 at 10:31PM
If I made myu own Zelda game it would called The Legend of Zelda Hero of Time. The story would be about Zelda dying and Link would have to go back in time wityh the master sword and save Zelda before she dies saving Link.

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over a year ago linklover95 said…
Actually... that's a great idea. It probly fit with the overall storyline of the series too.
over a year ago Midnina said…
Hey it's really cool your story! *-*
over a year ago Link05 said…
It's an awesome idea!and I think of another one.I can't think of a Title.It's about the older link asking help of his self as a kid to fight evil bosses and explore the hardest dungeon!It's pretty awesome,right?
over a year ago jrfoxwing said…
i thought of one its called The legend of Zelda the legends end. how is that for a title!?
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over a year ago Linkismyhero34 said…
That's a great idea! However, I've got something of my own up my sleeve. My game would be called Legend of Zelda The Time Traveler. In this game Link would find himself facing the future versions Girahim. Triplets who have kept the Demon Lord's power alive through generations. They kidnap Zelda and Link is forced to face a challenge never thought of. Traveling through time into the FUTURE. (Modern times) There Link battles the secret magical and dark creatures hidden in the mortal world while adapting to a place far different from the world of castles and knights that he's known.
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