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The Legend of Zelda Zombie Zelda (TP)

  • Zombie Zelda (TP)

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    A picture of Zelda when Ganondorf used a spell to make her attack you. Look on the bright side, we finally get to hit Zelda! XD And no, the zombification wasn't permanent (Source: ~Lady-of-Link, from deviantART)

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Its not Zombie Zelda its Possesed Zelda. Ganondorf possesed her at the end of the game and shes the first boss part to Ganondorfs boss fight. How do I know? I have the game and I beat it.
posted over a year ago.
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Kart123 said:
It is actually a PUPPET ZELDA that Ganondorf possesses her at the end of Twilight Princess. Still, cool pic
posted over a year ago.
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oh that ya she is a puppet I can't believe she attacked Link after all she's done it's not right Ganondorf should have left her sleep in peace not posses her but anyway in the end Link killed Ganondorf and Zelda was saved that was so crazy cool the way he stubbed Ganondorf and the way he screamed oh I love Link he saved her life yet she doesn't even give Link a thing for saving her not even a thank you yikes!
posted over a year ago.
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FluffyFox said:
Awesome! Although, you gotta like the fact that Link, once again, saves her butt! ^^
posted over a year ago.
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