One warm early mourning, mufassa took simba to see the whole entire pride land were he's gonna rule when he takes his place.Simba asked"what about that shadowy place? can i go there?" Mufassa warned Simba not to go there because there are lots of dangers.Later in the day Simba had forgtten that he shall not go beyond pride rock,but then he got distracted by the butterflies flying around.Then he walked off the borders of the pride lands, Simba was still chasing the butterflies until he came to the outsiders land and bumped into one outsider cub named Kovu.Kovu got startled,he spun around and growled at Simba,this time simba got startled and fell inside a shallow pond.Kovu looked were Simba landed and said "are you ok?" Simba poppe out off the water gasping for air and said "yea im fine it's just that you startled me." Kovu said "I'm sorry.He said"whats your name?I'm Kovu" Simba replied and said "I'm Simba future king of pride rock" he said with pride.Kovu asked "Your the future king of your pride?" Thats so cool!"Kovus ears went down he sighed and said"I wish i was in a pride.its hard living out here.Simba said "hey you wanna see were my kingdom is?" He said"Sure!.later they both went to pride rock and meet Nala(simba's friend) by the water hole.Nala was surprised and said "Hi,simba who's your new friend?"Simba said hi nala and told her who kovu was.then they all desided to go Kiara.They saw Kiara training to be a hunter Nala said "Hey!Kiara wanna play with us and our new friend kovu?So Kiara went with them.Later they all were playing catch the cricket in the pride lands Kovu and Simba were on one side trying to trap the cricket and Kiara and Nala were on the other,The cricket was in the middle so Kovu and Kiara charged for the cricket but they missed and ran into each other the next thing they knew thier lips and nose were touching as they opend thier eyes.Nala and Simba looked at each other in shock and whisperd to each other,Kiara stepped back and stared at Kovu in shock her face was turning red an her ears went down and she blushed,Kovu was shocked and his ears went down to his face also turned red and he said in a nervous tone "S,S,Sorry i didn't see you there" Kiara said "N,N,No im sorry i was in your way." they both face eachother and said"It's ok it was my fault".Kiara giggled "Its fine.Nala said"what just happend?" Simba added" i dont no." while kovu and kiara stared at each other in love.So Nala and Simba said they were gonna be right back.they both slipped and nala landed on simba and ended up just like what kiara and kovu did.they were turning red and there ears were going down.The next day they were all shy to say anything to each other but later on in time they kept hanging out ith each other and knew they were ment for eachother.