The Lion King 2:Simba's Pride
A Lion's Pride - Crossoverish/Au (TLK 1, 2 and 3)

this video goes with the artical i wrote check it out!!!
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Mufasa tells simba not to go to the shadowlands because he knows scar's kids(kovu and nala) hang out there.
-Simba forgets about what his father said because he got distracted by the butterflies flying around,anyway,he meets kovu then nala. They see kiara and ask if she wants to play too. They all become friends.
Scar executes the stampede plan, but Mufasa doesn't die.
Mufasa exiles scar and his kids.
A few years pass, and Simba is betrothed to Kiara.
-Scar and Kovu enjoy watching some of Scar's followers burning the pridelands. Nala thinks this is wrong and voices her opinion. Scar and Nala fight, and Nala runs away.
-Nala ends up back at pride rock where she sees simba, and they find out they are eachother's true loves.
-Kovu sees them together, and is about to attack when kiara sees as well. She doesn't pay attention to kovu, but feels so betrayed she runs away, toward the fire. Kovu gets the idea to kill Kiara, knowing Simba will think Nala did it so Kiara would be out of the way for them to be together.
-Kovu kills kiara by biting her neck.

Simba grieves Kiara, then gets angry and wants to kill Nala.
-Simba attacks Nala, but she pins him.
- She asks why he's attacking her, and he says she killed Kiara. Nala tries to explain she didn't, but Simba won't listen. He says this means war on scar's people.
-At the outlands, Nala tries to warn Scar of the war, but when he hears she was with Simba he hits her and knocks her out.
-Scar tells Kovu to kill Simba.
-The battle is about to start, and Kovu admits to killing Kiara.
-Scar watches the battle
Kovu and simba fight, Simba kills kovu
-Scar gets upset over this and attacks Simba, Simba kills scar.
-Simba takes his throne, comforts Nala over her lost loved ones, and they live happily ever after!
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