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List by boytoy_84 posted 2 months ago
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Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Here is 20 different languages to say "The Lion King":

Spanish El Rey León

French Le Roi Lion

German Der König Der Löwen

Italian Il Re Leone

Greek Ο Βασιλιας Των Λιονταριων

Swahili Mfalme Simba

Thai ราชาสิงโต

Chinese 獅子王

Japanese ライオンキング

Irish An Rí Lion

Korean 라이온 킹

Dutch De Leeuwenkoning

Russian Король Лев

Hindi शेर राजा

Norwegian Løvenes Konge

Indonesian Raja Singa

Polish Król Lew

Maltese Ir-Re Lion

Czech Lví Král

Vietnamese Vua Sư Tử
Opinion by lionking1993 posted 2 months ago
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Honestly I think Nala takes more control of the Kingdom than Simba does. I mean, she doesn’t let him know that since she’s aware of Simba’s dire need to follow the in the footsteps of his father, but Simba is a very damaged and hotheaded lion that she balances out with her calmness and clearer thinking. So, Nala insists on following Simba everywhere and helping take care of Royal Duties so she can keep him grounded if things start getting out of hand with his emotions.

I did not write this. I though I would upload it since I totally agree. Found this on Tumblr
Opinion by lionkingartist posted 3 months ago
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I was answering a question today under Forums because someone had asked "how we know so much about the characters and their back grounds?" Well I gave a pretty lengthy answer but it's worth mentioning again I think.

You see when you're as passionate about something as a die hard lion king fan you can understand where I am coming from. You see these characters as real, even though you know they aren't. It's about the extensive research into the minds and hearts of the characters we've come to know and love. I can't tell you how many what if? Stories and scenarios I personally have come up with and also have read and you know they always make sense in theory! But it's not the fact that it's not canon or that they will never (sad to say) make another sequel as good as the first but it's the fact that us fans have something to hold on to.

Let's take Kopa for instance,yeah,yeah we all know he doesn't really exist according to film canon but! That doesn't mean he doesn't exist! He exists because someone thought it would be cool to make a a continuity where Simba has a son instead of a daughter. And the way I see it, is that it's just an alternate universe...