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Opinion by bendaimmortal posted 15 days ago
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First off; Yes, I do realize It was clearly meant as a parody of the first film and not as an actual serious midquel. At the most it was to give a backstory for Timon and Pumbaa's friendship. And yes, I know that some jungle scenes between Timon, Pumbaa and Simba were written by the first film's creators but since we don't know which ones, I wouldn't regard them at all as canon.
And I'm 99% certain that they weren't any of those parenting scenes because they completely and utterly contradict their motto "Hakuna Matata" and from the first film it appears their relationship were bachelor friends, not dads and a son. Plus, I can not see Simba calling, much less accepting, anyone as a father figure after losing Mufasa. Especially after losing him the way he did.

Don't get me wrong, I like parodies and I do have a sense of humour. But I've been a huge, passionate fan of The Lion King since 1995 when I first saw it as a child. That is, it's not just a movie to me - it's also a story that meant a lot to me already as a child and something from my childhood that's left me with many dear memories.
Opinion by hermionicole posted 6 months ago
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Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Nala, Kiara, and all the other characters in the lion king have virtues to teach. They all have some sensible things or emotions to voice out... disseminate. Yes, it is given that Scar became a sort of a villain but we've got to check his background before we judge him.
Scar was originally named Taka and we will be discovering why later.
Mufasa and Taka always loved each other when they were young but their was one thing that broke their bond: the title of being king. Taka can never be a king because he was born second to Mufasa. Although he tried very hard to outdo his older brother, he really never succeeded. The king Ahadi, their father always favored Mufasa, neglecting his other son, resulting in the major change of character of Taka. Taka grew bitter and hateful. Time passed and Ahadi grew old. Taka got his vengeance then, he got Mufasa and his father alone and with the blinking of an eye, slit old Ahadi's throat. Mufasa and Taka then had a fierce fight. Mufasa scratched the eye of Taka... that's where his scar came from... Mufasa triumphed over his brother once more.
Review by boytoy_84 posted 6 months ago
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Kiara and Fluffy blend as one cub
Many annoying comments from fans who believe Kopa is Fluffy which isn't true.

Here are 10 different comments from them from Youtube:

1. "that can't be Kiara, in these movies the males are yellow and the females are beige-colored, and that baby is yellow."

2. "that's there first child Kopa....he is a boy and Kiara's older brother."

3. "ok at the end it is not Kiara it is Kopa before the making of the lion king 2 they changed it 2 Kiara instead of being it Kopa =3."

4. "I am not a fan of lion king, but still kopa is true!"

5. "the cub is not Kiara. It's supposed to be Simba's and Nala's son, Kopi. The reason he wasn't in the second because he died as a cub. Sad I know. Look up on the story of Kopi. You'll learn more. Sorry to be a downer."

6. "OMG KOPA" XD (pointing out at Fluffy)

7. "2:18 Here comes Simba and Nala's cub, Kopa. That cub is not really Kiara (I'm not wrong). Kiara is really born on Lion King 2: Simba's Pride."