1. She does not listen to her parents when they tell her that the outlands are dangerous and that she should never go there, however she gets angry when her father doesn't trust her. How will he trust you if you keep being disobedient?

2. The fact that she knows nothing about self defence and sucks as a fighter (I assume) doesn't stop her from going to the outlands. (I'm talking about the teenager Kiara who "can" think logically). Why would you go to a dangerous place when you can't protect yourself in the first place? Pretty much everyone can outmatch her.

3. After the ambush, when Simba was badly injured and was lying on Pride Rock the only thing she cared about was Kovu "Daddy, it can't be true". This is not about Kovu.. It's about your father's life who barely made it out of there alive so stop being so selfish and get your facts straight.

4. She knew Kovu for barely two days. You can't love him and he can't love you. "He loves me, for me!". No. No one can trust someone after only two days that much! How can she be so naive?

5. "Look! I had everything under control!" Ok. Who are you kidding?

6. Those "seductive" looks she gives when she first meets Kovu as a cub and introduces herself or when she enters the den after that small talk they had that night when he saved her from the fire are kind of laughable.. Only Nala can pull them off! (big Nala fan here)

7. Nala and Simba are awesome characters and they had been through a lot during their child-teenagehood. (I don't think Nala's life was easy at all). Kiara is a pampered little brat.. I hate it when she dares say "You will never be Mufasa".. like who does she think SHE is?

8. She is a rebel wannabe. She wants to live that "dangerous" life for no reason and this is understandable when she is a cub but as a teen it's just ridiculous. Nala was a rebel because she dared to leave Scar's kingdom which was dangerous in the first place and for a reason! Kiara wouldn't last a day out there. She is all words and no skills.


PS. I know I come up as a Kiara-hater.. I just watched Simba's Pride and got really annoyed with her.