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Opinion by KingSimba4Ever9 posted over a year ago
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(I love songs that give me the chills or gosse bumps.)


1.Be Prepared

2.Can You Feel The Love Tonight

3.Circle of Life

4.Just Can't Wait to be King

5.Hakuna Matata


1.He Lives in You

2.He is Not One of Us

3.My Lullaby

4.We are One

5.Love Will Find a Way



1.Be Prepared

2.Can You Feel The Love Tonight

3.He Lives in You

4.He is Not One of Us

5.Circle of Life

6.My Lulliby

7.Just Can't Wait to be King

8.We Are One

9.Love Will Find a Way

10.Hakuna Matata

Opinion by KingSimba4Ever9 posted over a year ago
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1. Simba.

I think that Simba is very handsom, sweet, kind, brave, wise, and understanding. He was adorable as a cub and strong and handsome as an adult.
I can relate to Simba in many ways some more than others but mainly the fact that he had to go through alot of hardships and trama in his life time. I somtimes I can't forgive others for what they did to me or my family in the past.


I love Mufasa's love that he shows twords his people and a family. And his willingness to sacrifice and risk his life to save his famaly from danger.


We don't know alot about Scar's mysterious past and how he became the selfish Scar that we see in the movie.
To me Scar is a very handsome lion. He is very proper, slick, sly, coniving, and charming. (I know that some people may disagree with me)
I also love Scar's voice.


The lioness that is comited and dedicated to her pride and mate. She was the one that left the pride to find help. She is the one that keeped on giving Simba advice in both movies.
Fan fiction by CoolNala posted over a year ago
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Queen of the Jungle

Chapter 3 – A Big Cat’s Sense

    “So… How are you feeling, Timon?” asked Nala in a friendly manner, but with a slight smirk on her face. Timon looked pretty darn beaten and bruised after being the target for the two lionesses’ hunting practices the day before. “I’m doing just great!” he said sarcastically and angrily, as he walked along the forest floor weakly, “I’m glad that I could help you ladies with all your hunting exercises!” “Come on, Timon. It wasn’t that bad.” Kiara assured him. “You can say that. But, you don’t know the half of it!” Timon replied. “At least you had a good night’s sleep.” Nala contiuned. “Right… I would have if I could have slept on my back!” Timon yelled.

    “Sorry we had to put you through that, but you were just as the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    “Isn’t that the story of my life!?”