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Opinion by Lionkingarts posted over a year ago
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Nala looks out to her home, Thinking about her mother. What if her first hunt failed? What if she got herself injured? All those thoughts were really distracting on the hunt, So nala returned home without a scrape of the dinner she really needed. Sarafina saw her starved daughter come home without any food. 'Nala? Did you even hunt?" Nala coughed. 'I'm sorry mother, But my thoughts have distracted me from the hunt. and they were really bad." Nala explained to her mother. Sarafina put an angry look on nalas centermeters. ''Nala. I am not letting you go home emptypaws. You have to fill you're self up!' Nala looked in her mother's eyes in sorrow. "But?'' Sarafina yelled. ''No buts! Now get out there and hunt! Remember nala, You're the lead huntress and the pride needs to eat. Your loyalty and experience in hunting can help us. If you would just stop thinking those thoughts and do it!" Sarafina watched as her daughter left to redo the hunt, Nala yelled back to her mother. "Got it!'
List by tecna535 posted over a year ago
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Cub Vitani
Vitani has light tan-colored fur that is slightly tinted orange, electric blue eyes with dark eye shades, and a tuft of hair on her head. As a cub, she was briefly the same size but a little older than Kovu. She has very bright fur compared to most of the Outsiders. As a child, her fur was almost orange in some scenes.
As a young adult, she bears a close resemblance to her mother, Zira, and her hair tuft starts to recede as well as gain dark ear rims. She also has freckles, and is thin and lanky, yet very muscular like all the other Outsiders. Her fur becomes more yellow and Pridelander-like, though it stays very bright. She, like Zira, has triangularly-shaped, almost glowing yellow eyes with beady irises. She is more scruffy, though, with thicker eyebrows and slightly longer and unkempt fur.


As a cub, Vitani is shown to be mocking and snarky, as she doubts Nuka's ability to lead. Like her mother, she is violent, wanting to engage Kovu in a fight as soon as Zira drops him. Unlike Nuka, she doesn't seem to care too much about Kovu being the Chosen One despite not being Scar's son, though her mother has taught her to be hateful...
Fan fiction by frozenflame1923 posted over a year ago
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Kopa got up and shook his body to life. He bounced over to his mum, Nala, and pressed his paw up against her face in an attempt to awaken her. Her eyes fluttered open and she mumbled something under her breath.
"Mum, can I go out to play?" Kopa put on a cheesy grin,"Pu-leeaasee?"
"Your just like your father"
"So is that a yes?"
"Go ahead, but be careful, because if your anything like your father, I'm sure you'll get yourself into lots of mischief!"
Kopa bounded out of the cave opening and strait down into the grassy Savannah. As he was running through the grass he saw a big rock which reminded him of Priderock. He slowly crept over to it then sure it was safe of any dangerous snakes or lizards walked to the top of it and pretended to be his dad ruling over the kingdom.
Suddenly he saw some grass russle in the distance. Curious, he backed down of the rock and into the long grass and ever so quietly moved to see what had made the noise. As he moved closer he climbed upon a smaller rock so he could just peer over the swaying grass. He gasped in surprise and lost his balance tumbling right on to the other lion.