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The Lion King 1 1/2 : Hot Tub Scene

Vitani/Kiara-Not like that

This is a video I made with Vitani&Kiara. Yeah , I'm LoudyAloud on youtube! Enjoy!

The Lion King Special Edition : Zazu's Morning Report

Lion Guard series coming to Disney Channel

The Lion Guard premier 2015

The Lion King - Simba Finds Mufasa

Simba finds Mufasa's lifeless body in the gorge.

Moira Kelly The Lion King 3D Interview 2011

30 minutes movies: The Lion King

The whole movie, including 3 songs, with complete sense, all the plot and everything that makes 'The lion King' the great movie it is, but in just 30 minutes ;)
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Lion King Cast Australia sings Circle of Life on Plane

It would have been amazing to be on this plane!

Timon & Pumbaa: Shake Your Djibouti

Timon tries to whip Simba into shape when a 40-foot tall monster is on the loose.
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The Lion King- Where Is The Love?