Tina enjoyed a day with the Pevensies, just doing all the stuff that kids liked to do. When they day was done, she went back with them to camp, where she saw Alsan again. She ran over to him, hugging him as tight as she could. Aslan smiled, and led her to his tent for a 'talk', as her called it.

When they were inside, Tina was the first one to speak. "So, Aslan. What do you mean by 'chosen one'?" Aslan was a bit taken aback, but then smiled.
"Now, then. Who told you that you were my chosen one?"
"And your grandfather's name?"
"Smith. Joseph Smith." Aslan shook his head and chuckled.
"Ah, yes. Joe Smith. I remember him, What a guy." His eyes drifted as if he were remembering good times.
"Oh, please, Aslan. Please tell me some stories of when grandpa was here."
"Perhaps later, my child. I must first tell you your mission." Tina listened with eyes and ears wide open.
"You want me to do what?"
"Destroy Jaids' castle."
"Who's she?"
"Better known as the White Witch."
"But when? How?"
"All shall reveal itself in due time." Then they heard noise outside. It was her. Tina was a bit confused. Jadis spoke, and, to Tina's surprise, was there for Edmund. Her heart raced, as she tried to slink back into the shadows, but Jadis saw her. "She's here, too?" the White Witch raised her voice. Her eyes were fixed on Tina. Tina inched closer to Aslan. "How did you get out?" As Tina touched Aslan's mane, a new strength surged through her body.
"Well, how do you think I got out?" Tina answered. All the creatures gasped at her bravery. Jadis was stunnned. Nobody but Aslan himself had ever spoken to her like that. An anger filled her. "The child is coming with me!" she screeched. Tina was now really brave, realizing the worst the White Witch could do was kill her. But she knew that she would be with Aslan forever if that did happen. Looking coolly into Jadis' eyes, she said, "If you want me, come get me." The beasts of Aslan were now wide eyed, admiring Tina for her bravery. "But before you do, I think you had best discuss the subject of Edmund." Jadis glared at her, then Aslan signaled for her to come into the tent. As Jadis brushed past Tina, she hissed "I warn you, child. I will always be back."
"Anytime," Tina replied calmly, even though she was as scared as milk about to be turned into cheese. Once Jadis was inside the tent, Tina breathed a sigh of relief, then fainted.