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Opinion by hellgirl223 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
im so glad i made this spot, i jst wanna say that i made this spot to show how much i love the little mermaid and ariel! i wanna be jst like her when i grow up, she like the perfect and most luckiest girl to me. shes beautiful, has a good voice, courageous, and she can live in the ocean AND the land! how lucky she is:) i hv some commonn things wih her too like she loves the sea, likes to explore and she loves (well at least kind) to most of the animals, and by being in common with her makes me evn more happy so i get to know what life is like! but the opposite thing is that she wants to know more about the land, but im totally the opposite, in fact i wanna know more bout the sea, rather than land. the sea is so amazing to me, it has all the wonders of the ocean, but i jst wish i culd go in with more courage.. once i swam in the beach i tried to go past the buoy but then one person caught me doing it, n i got so annoyed (stupid guy!), anyway sometimes i wish i was mermaid, especially when im in da swimming pool.. i know its weird especially when im 14.. anyay i jst cant help it, im a mermaidholic a.k.a arielholic:) and i jst hope that u like my article:) thx 4 reading:)