Ariel is horrified by the fact that her aunt Ursula did what she did to her own sister.

"How could you do such a thing to your only sister" asked Ariel

"It was too teach her a lesson" said Ursula

"But that's so cruel" I said

"My dear sweet child your too young to understand how things are what seems cruel to you isn't the same for others" said Ursula

"But still it did seem kinda harsh" said Ariel

"She has it coming" said Ursula

"Well alot of times my sisters mostly Attina drive me crazy but I'd never do something like that to them" said Ariel

"Really because I can tell they're jealous of of you" said Ursula

"Jealous of me no way" said Ariel

"Yes they are because your pretty much your mommy and daddies favorite" said Ursula

"No I'm not they love us equally" said Ariel

"They also are jealous because you look the most like your mother" said Ursula

"What does that have to do with anything" said Ariel

"Because your mother is the most beautiful creature in the sea she made the people of atlantica even forget about my beauty as the suiters did they Morgana when they saw me" said Ursula

"Well I dought I could be more beautiful than any of them" said Ariel

"Of course you will you'll be the most beautiful creature under the sea" said Ursula

"Still I don't think that'll break us apart like you daddy and aunt Morgana" said Ariel

"You'll also be blessed with your mothers voice in fact your voice will be even lovelier" said Ursula

"How do you know" asked Ariel

"With the power of Poseidon having the triton and the shell in my comtroll I can see the future" said Ursula

"Wow that's amazing" said Ariel

"Yes my dear, I also see you becoming human" said Ursula

"Is that possible" asked Ariel

"Play your cards right and I just might make it happen" said Ursula

"Really you would do that" asked Ariel

"Of course anything for my favorite niece" said Ursula

"Well what do I have t do" asked Ariel

"Like I said before just stick with me and I'll make all your dreams come true" said Ursula

"But I'm only 5" said Ariel

"But you have family up above" said Ursula

"I do" said Ariel

"Yes your mothers parents" said Ursula

"Does that mean mom really was human" asked Ariel

"Maybe you'll just have to find out" said Ursula

Which left Ariel wondering if she should stop Ursula or make her dreams come true.