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The fans pick: Johnny Depp (Tonto)
Johnny Depp (Tonto)
Helena Bonham Carter (Red)
The fans pick: Yes! A sequel would be great!
Yes! A sequel would be great!
Nahh, it didn&# 39; t need one.
The fans pick: Yes, it was awesome!
Yes, it was awesome!
Sure, it was pretty good.
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Persephone713 said …
I think critics personally had a vendetta against this film, and now most people jump on the hate bandwagaon and bash it to death. I loved the film. The same thing happened to the Star Wars prequels. I dont get how hating a film to death can be fun. How is hating something so fun.? I hated on Twilight, but not nearly this much. Only to defend my personal opinion of how I like Vampires scary.- and Kstew drove me nuts with her mopey looks. Posted over a year ago
skippercollecto said …
Do fans of the movie sometimes think that they saw a different movie than what the critics and haters did? Posted over a year ago
19987 said …
Amazing film♥ Posted over a year ago