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News by tinkerbell66799 posted over a year ago
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Many people around the world have been complaining about the new G3 Littlest Pet Shops ever since they came out. They have been calling Hasbro to tell them to bring the old, G2 Littlest Pet Shops back. For over a year, Hasbro told these people that they had no plans to bring back the old LPS. However, last month, Hasbro released pictures of Littlest Pet Shop that were soon to come. What's so special about this? The new LPS were...

That's right everyone! The old Littlest Pet Shops are back and looking awesome! There have been pictures released of 7 NEW PETS! All in the old, G2 style! These pets are expected to hit stores in late December 2013 to early 2014!

We did it! All us. Together we brought the old LPS back. It is truly amazing what we can do if we work together to achieve something! TOGETHER! ALL THE FANS OF LITTLEST PET SHOP AROUND THE WORLD WORKED TOGETHER TO BRING THE OLD LITTLEST PET SHOP BACK!! Great job everyone! :D

Go to the link below to watch a video about this:
Opinion by GiannaLOVERlps posted over a year ago
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Hey guys! I like SophieGTV's LPS Popular, and I decided I should make LPS popular characters, too!
Here are my names=

Crystal Subway-Like Savannah Reed
Julia Mendez-Like Brook Hayes
Annie Deits-Like Genny Ryan
Katie Bell-Like Lina Davis
Kyla Kitten-Like Alicia Hamilton
Kylie Kitten-Like Rachel Rivera
Drake Dawson-Like Tom Dawson
Nathan Walter-Like Nathan Campbell
Miley Brigitte-Like Brigitte LeBlanc "Epi. 20"
Mia Waltz-Regular School girl
Michelle Davis-Regular School girl

Thanks guys for reading my thoughts!

Oh, and if you have any idea how to make a club, PLEASE let me know.


Guide by carenwang90 posted over a year ago
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Photo 1.1: Dalmantians are type of dogs, they have various patterns of dots, they are rarely seen as LPS toys, one of Dalmantian shows in LPS: Garden, its personality is jock
Don't you think playing LPS game are hard?

1. Dying body color
Do you know the coloring station at Party Palace? In LPSF? Good, beat all mission to get it!

2. Training
You need to training to clear challenges! Toys are here, pick one! Buy it on the Meow Market at LPS! If you wanna training LPSF, select any interactive items!

3. Feeding
In LPS, to feeding, select pink face icon, tap on food bowl and they starts to CHOMP! In LPSF, go to a house and interact with a food bowl

4. Kibbles
Kibbles used to buy items, it can earn by playing minigames, the more you win, the more kibbles you earn!

5. New Pets
In LPS, they must bought a ticket, the price is a bit expensive, in LPSF, you can unlock some after beat the missions
Article by Hello_Ice posted over a year ago
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What Goes On

By: Hello_Ice

A dream.Somthing that can be so close to real. But a lot of times, it never is. I have many dreams, weather its daydreaming or just plain dreaming. They come true. Dreams of being popular, in the World Lps Records or flying. I hear a lot of people say "This is like heaven!" Well, let me tell you, nothing is like heaven. How do I know? Because I live there.

This is going to be the concept of my story. Hope you like it!

Go to the Fourm to see the chapters!

Maya Langeard died of cancer disease. All of the people that have died, she can see. She meets Holly Erlanger, Holly wants to help Maya forget about the Earth plane. Maya will do anything to go back, how far will she go?