The Mentalist Want to see a picture of Red John?

fanb10500 posted on Nov 22, 2009 at 03:54PM
After analyzing this week's episode, I have found pictures of Red John. We saw him poison Bosco's assistant. From that scene I broke it down and re-watched. Got some interesting details for you. I'm surprised not too many people have discovered that Red John is watching the team...

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over a year ago JANE_IS_MY_HERO said…
I know that Red John was watching them and I know that he hacked into their computers and I saw last weeks episode when he poisoned rebecca but I don't think the person who poisoned rebecca was red john just an accomplice
over a year ago fanb10500 said…
He was the only character wearing a blue shirt under his uniform. I'm watching for this officer in future episodes... you watch Fringe? I have a valid theory about that show also, and everytime I post my theory it gets removed, thus I think I figured out that show... hit me back, your thoughts?
He was the only character wearing a blue shirt under his uniform. I'm watching for this officer in fu
over a year ago Louisiana said…
The person who poisoned Rebecca...I think that is only an accomplice. I think that even the creators of The Mentalist have no clue what Red John looks like yet. But I could be wrong, who knows?
over a year ago agathanancy98 said…
i dont know. i am not sure that they would show a picture of red john but they might be doing it to throw us off. it might not even relate to red john.
over a year ago ILOVESBAKER said…
over a year ago cotedepablo said…
accomplice or not im sure they have an idea of what he will ook like so they can stick him in the show at random times. that being said, i think this is a very good theory. fanb10500, i am totally impressed by the work put into this; it must have been pretty hard, or at least tiresome. thanks for sharing!
over a year ago jenniferocd said…
fanb10500: What a good eye. I bet you are right. Can't wait to start looking for him in future episodes. Also, I think Red John was the one who poisoned her only because her face lit up when she saw that person. Rebecca was very much in love with him.
over a year ago Vartell said…
I know this is Old, but it is a really well detailed Point that he has, It would be cool for them to do that, tease Red John as being Normal until they Finally see him in person I mean Jane Catches him
over a year ago Mrs-X said…
Thats so cool!!! I hadn't even noticed... Hey btw what's your theory about Fringe, I don't watch much this show but anyways I know a bit about it...
over a year ago yinneke said…
Isn't that the man we see at the end (33.40)(the guy at the left who looks at Rebecca)? It's hard to tell but I think it might be. And Rebecca looks at him and smiles a bit.
Isn't that the man we see at the end (33.40)(the guy at the left who looks at Rebecca)? It's hard to
over a year ago Vartell said…
Wow. I cannot believe they finally Put a Voice behind Red John. Making him more Real. I cannot wait until Season 3. Get more R/J in there
over a year ago Mrs-X said…
I love Red John's voice!!! Btw, if you ever played the videogame ''Fable'' I find that the voice sounds exactly like Jack of Blade's voice and I think it's great!!!
over a year ago agathanancy98 said…
It was a very calming vioce and that is what made it eerie.
over a year ago Fanficlover said…
My theory: I think Christina (The psychic) is suspicious to me. #1 She's somewhat cocky in her manner, always seems calm. #2 Left the office saying she had things to attend to, plenty of time for her to kill the interviewer and get back before CBI arrive to protect her. #3 We know that RedJ keeps Jane alive because he/she loves tormenting him, and likely sees him as the only worthy equal to find him/her. Christina came across like that to Jane. #4 She conveniently "dissapears" (Something not in RedJ's MO) #5 With us seeing the image of RedJohn at the end, if I'm not mistaken the very first words spoken "If there's one thing I can't tolerate" sounds female and has the exact tone and pitch of Christinas voice, then it deepens. Of course RedJ would be using a voice modifier, hence why it sounds so awesome :) #6 Furthermore Red John says "Rolltide" to Jane. Meaning he/she had to be present during that dinner with Christina. Highly unlikely Christina said it during the torturing / killing process if she was a victim. #7 The poem/riddle RedJ recites "Tiger tiger burning bright" translates to the essence of evil being made by the same creator of good. In retrospect of the entire poem (by William Blake) RedJ is saying Jane and him/her self are two of a kind, and linked by the bond of creator and creation. It's a hint to who they are, and exactly how close to the team RedJ is. #8 What better way to hide your identity than to have a male alias? #9 If RedJ either possesses the same skills as Jane or is 'psychic' that's how they are always one step ahead. Finally #10 A female killer is highly unexpected, so if Christina is not RedJ she could easily be an accomplice. "Rolltide" was far too personal for RedJ to know.

But thats just my theory ;)
over a year ago gfdfvhhdgv said…
Fanficlover, Spot on! Krystina Frye also has 'Red' hair. However the annoying thing is you just know its going to take the whole of series 3 before all is revealed. IF it is revealed!
over a year ago iamtoddicus said…
After watching and loving this show, I had an epiphany. Who has Jane hurt in the past and carries a grudge. Who wants to test him, as he did in the past? At the same time, who cares enough about him not to just kill him? Who believes in his talents enough to push him and taunt him for the slights he feels Jane caused him? Who did Jane walk away from, setting this all in motion to `teach him a lesson' in who was smarter?

His father.

Red John is Jane's father.
over a year ago Thinking_Girl said…
I agree with iamtoddicus that Patrick's father would be a good choice to be Red John. I also think that Kristina could be (possibly unknowingly) Patrick's sister or half-sister. Your thoughts?
over a year ago Ginevra17 said…
Jane's father could be a good choice.
Kristina no, Red John is a man and we know it. Could she be an accomplice? Maybe, I'm not sure yet XD
But one thing I know for sure: Jane has already met him. I'm sure RJ is someone Jane knows, possibly someone that he has met after the murder of his family. I think they didn't know each other before the tragedy, but they probaly met after it. I also think RJ is someone that Jane doesn't know so much, someone that is not so close to him.. Like a cop working at the office or some forensic guy, people like this, who are always around but nobody really knows who they are.
over a year ago agathanancy98 said…
personally, i think RJ is thefornnsics guy named Brett PArtridge who appered in the Pilot and Red Sky in the Morning. Red john's appaerance is the same as Brett's. Also Wiliam Blake, the man who wrote the poem, Tiger Tiger, also did a painting with the name Partridge in the title.So the last name of the forensics guy is in a painting by the guy who wrote the peom that RJ recited. Plus Kristina has worked with the police a few times and she might know Brett Partridge. Kristina is probably an accomplice. I do believe that Kristina is involoved in RJ.
over a year ago Nonamementalist said…
Minelli could also be the accomplice of this guy, :O

Minelli could also be the accomplice of this guy, :O
over a year ago nightngale said…
OOHH, I really like the idea of Red john possibly being his father,or someone that he knows, prior to the murder of his family. Although, I remember seeing that forensics guy guy at the end of season 2 pop up again (the guy from the pilot). And I remember being instantly disappointed, I hope that he is NOT Red John!!! What a pitiful advisarry for Jane. Although, it couldn't be him, Red John is A LOT older, right??? He was involved in a killing back a while ago in the 90's and that guy would have been like 15!! Right???
over a year ago Mrs-X said…
Omg RJ being Jane's father would be just perfect! But right now I have exactly the same theory as agathanancy98 although I'm thinking it would be a bit too easy since RJ had the same voice as Brett Partridge... I dunno!
over a year ago eslteach said…
Has anyone noticed that the smiley RedJ paints on the wall looks a lot like Jane when he smiles? I agree that RedJ is probably Janes dad...being in a carnival is a perfect life for a serial killer.
Has anyone noticed that the smiley RedJ paints on the wall looks a lot like Jane when he smiles? I ag
over a year ago heinzg said…
I think I Know who Red John is: His Name is Ellis Mars, a Person who will Show up in Series 3. Why? Remember the Episode 01x11, where there was Left a Message on the Wall "He is Mar". My Theory is, that the dying Jared Renfrew whispered in his last seconds of his life the Name of His murder "Ellis Mars", and the Girl with him, the spanish prostitute, didnt clearly understand and wrote what she understood, what was "he is Mars", but could not finish mars, because She was also dying. He is Mars and Ell-is Mars sounds quite similar, especially for a spanish Person. And look at the positions of the two persons in the bath-tub (if you have the Video), Jared was with His back to the wall, and the spanish Girls leg was over Jared, what makes it impossible, that Jared was the Person who wrote something on the Wall. But the spanish girl has exactly the right position to write something on the Wall. Since the did Not Know the Name of the murder, she wrote what Jared whispered.
over a year ago claudmiester said…
my theory is its the forensic investigator, from episode one season 1, he also shows up in finale of season 2, thats what drew me to him, his voice sounds similar to red johns, if you listen to him talk earlier in the episode and then listen to red johns. He is also involved in both red johns cases.. Some pyschopaths like to get involved with the cases. just my theory feel free to poke holes in it ;D
over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
Watch this video. I will make another one just about Red John.
Watch this video. I will make another one just about Red John.
over a year ago georgeousness said…
I think grace van pelt is red john, she has red hair and it's got to be someone close to jane otherwise if it's someone we've never heard of then it's going to be a not so thrilling ending. also we don't know too much about her past etc. And Jane doesn't seem to read her as easily.
over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
This is my new video about Red John. In this video i will show you what I think Who is Red John.
over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
New Mentalist video about Jane's life.

over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
One more video about this amazing show.

over a year ago MYSTERIOUSDAVID said…
ANYONE have a copy of RED QUEEN? please let me know..david.i need it bad
over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
Waths this video.

over a year ago RODRIGOCASTRO said…
fanficlover as you well say, I think christina is an accomplice of red John.
I think red john is the waiter serving patrick and christina in the event that they have 2x23
over a year ago RedJohn24 said…
My best video about Mentalist.
over a year ago Tsilatnem said…
You guys are all wrong. Red John is Josh Lyman. :P
over a year ago robothor1111 said…
I still want to know what "he is mar" means, though...
over a year ago agathanancy98 said…
Guess What! Red John is none of these people!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!! You were all wrong! :)
over a year ago gooniz said…
I think that all these characters that we all suspect of being Red John have something in their name or their personlity that can pose as a possible Red John connection. However, the writers of the show have probably thought about this as a way of throwing the viewer off track. For instance, there are a lot of red heads in the show, and for some reason you suspect that Red John has red hair. I also think that a lot of things that could be real Red John connections are just weird coincidences, like Partridge in the Blake paitning. I agree on the note that we probably have seen RJ already and that he is someone rather close to Jane, a character that we have already been introduced to. But there are a lot of theories out there about who is RJ and all of them sound rather realistic and believable.

1. PJ is RJ - He has some phsycopathic features in his personality as stated by the new boss in season 4. He is manipulative and narcissistic and does not really care if people get hurt, at least not people that are not directly close to him, like his team. He could have a personality disorder, split personalities, one as RJ and one as PJ but that is rather unlikely I think. And we have all seen RJ face to face with PJ, although he wears a mask.

2. Van Pelt is RJ - We don't really know anything about her past. She is a red hed, and close to Jane. But she is far to "normal" to be RJ I think. She is however a little butch and probably strong enough to pull Jane up in the chair he was restrained to in "Red sky in the morning" season 2.

3. Christina Frye is RJ - She is probably a better female candidate for RJ. Although she does not look strong enough to be able to pick up Jane from the floor in the chair. She is, however, also a red hed and there is something abour her ways that make us suspect her. She also disappears in the last episode of season 2, which makes her either dead or a suspect, since RJ whispered "rolltide" in Janes ear, something that Christina said to him during their date.

4. Walter Mashburne is RJ - Also a possible candidate but far too obvious I think. I think he became a part of the show to make everyone think he is RJ.

5. Brett Partridge is RJ - He is too young, and also too obvious. He is obviously a psychopath, something that Jane has already confirmed in episode 1x1.

6. Ellis Mars is RJ - I like the theory about Mars being RJ and the connections between his name and the name Red John is believable, but isn't it a bit too simple? I've also thought a lot about the writing on the wall "he is mar" but that can have several explanations. For instance, I've read theories about it meaning "he is marshall" or even "the 15 mar", something about the Bible and Marcus 15. I wonder why they haven't looked into that more...?

7. Janes father is RJ - Very possible, some theories say that their is a connection between Alex Jane and Patrick Jane, Red John and Pink Jane, Pink being a nickname for Patrick and Alex meaning Red.

Don't know if these theories have any real substance but like I said in the beginning, I think the writers of the show deliberately have chosen these names as they new people would make these connections.

I think we have yet to see who really is Red John and that we will be mighty surprised:)

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over a year ago jadelinne said…
big smile
@Gooniz... I think Patrick could be Red John. It would be an interesting plot twist that the writers could develop on. Like you said, it fits his personality. However, maybe we saw Red John as an individual, and not Patrick, because of something similar to the film Fight Club, where the Narrator and Durden appear as two seperate people... I don't know really, but I would love to see who Red John really is!!!!!!
over a year ago bharatwd said…
My 2 cents...after seeing S04E23, my guess is that Grace, the beautiful cop is Red John....When she notices that Jane is a mess, she wants to confirm if he is cracking up? As if to confirm that she is winning the game...just a guess....Previously, she did kill her fiance who was an accomplice of Red John...that is when I initially suspected her....Another point is that there is no evidence that Red John is a man..that is what they want us to believe..Red John has always used a voice changer to speak to Jane....

P:S - this has nothing to do with Grace's red hair ;)
over a year ago fanb10500 said…
Obviously the script has changed over the year, now I'm thinking it's totally an insider's job. Yes, Grace is part of the plan but I think the ring leader is Gale Bertram (actor: Michael Gaston). I don't think they're going to reveal anything, anytime soon... Still a fan! What do you think?
over a year ago atharc7 said…
I think that everyone is missing a very important hint that noone has yet spotted. At the end of Season 4 episode 11 of the mentalist Jane talks with Darcy about the Panzer case being closed. As Lisbon and Jane walk off towards the car, Jane stares at a white car going past whilst getting into the car. There is also dramatic music when the car goes past. There's a reason why he stares at the car and the music when the car goes past.

I'm fairly sure that this is a hint that this is Red John, anyone else agree?
over a year ago charlotte512 said…
It is NOT Van Pelt either Jane ! If it is, why would he/she send O'Laughlin ?
over a year ago mrselianos said…
my theory about red john is that he is bret stiles, and i am 100 % sure about that.First of all he has money and time and he is really interested about patrick jane.Secondly Craig O'Laughlin, a known Red John associate, first came into contact with the team while they were investigating Stiles, which further suggests that there is some connection between the two of them.Finally we must not forget that in 3x03 bret stiles lead jane to the house were kristina frye is and you have to admit that this is strange.Bruno Heller would make the mentalist perfect if RJ was bret stiles cause its a character we havent seen alot.......thats my theory
over a year ago Navz666 said…
Just a theory but what if Red John is Patrick Jane. Like maybe he suddenly went schizo? that's why RJ always knows his next move
over a year ago HaveARayDay said…
I have a theory similar to the previous post. I'm still in the middle of Season 4, but it hit me that Jane may be responsible for Red John. I don't think he is Red John, but I think he created him. Perhaps when Jane was a psychic, he purposely created a villain that would cause the media to seek him for appearances. This season we saw what Jane used to be like before the death of his wife and child. He was basically an attention whore with no morals or qualms. I think he used his hypnotic ability to create the Red John persona (perhaps on someone he didn't like, or someone he thought deserved to go to jail). But, because Jane is so confident and arrogant, he made the Red John character with similar abilities and tastes as his own. For instance, I think the Red John character can also hypnotize people which is why he hasn't been stopped. I think Red John is a personality that is bigger than one person. I think multiple people are, or have been Red John and are triggered at different times. This is why Jane can't stop him/it. This is also why Jane is so secretive. He can't let anyone know that ultimately, he is behind the Red John murders. Also, did anyone notice in episode 13 of season 4 when Red John was sitting in front of the blind woman, Rosalyn Parker, he was using a tea cup and saucer, wearing a jacket and slacks, and crossed his legs, all of which Jane does. Because of that scene we know that Jane isn't Red John, however they share similar tastes and habits. So, Jane is helping the CBI to stop the personality he created.
over a year ago saltwaterjoe said…
I am not recalling the episode...will have to research it. It was when Jane was taken to the farmhouse on the farm of one of Red Johns friends son. The son, in this episode, was the Sheriff assisting the CBI. It was also where the blind lady played piano and there was a stuffed elephant.

Cho and Rigsby went to the convenience store to check out the sale of the elephant.

As they walked into the store, there was an extra long shot after they had left the scene. It was of someone walking in the store after they had already entered. I believe this is our real picture of Red John. It is a man with straight hair, dressed in black wearing sunglasses.

Keep in mind that later in the show, we find that Red John was in the other room watching the whole thing go down, so he was in town.

Pure conjecture, but it has always struck me as odd....
over a year ago robskin said…
I was thinking that it could be Grace's father. They don't really ever bring up her family or past and she has a history in the program of falling for guys that are bad news. Maybe she talks to her dad over the phone and let's him in on what happening thinking it's harmless. Red John could be smart enough to mould her into who she is (police) and even the Red hair link could be a hypnotic thing that red John has used on her. Just a thought.
I think she said she was brought up on a ranch Around horses (could be rich) rich dad. Red John seems to be rich.
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over a year ago dreamlol said…
hmm no no no its not his father !! i am so sure
over a year ago KLZRedJohn said…
Red John is Minelli and Not on List

We are going to recap for everyone the features that must apply to any character to make them a legitimate candidate to be Red John.

Red John Must be a Man Of Senior Years

Red John is not a young man. Red John has a long history which is impossible if he is a young man. Red John is not necessarily an old man but he has to be an older man.

We will list just a few pieces of the overwhelming evidence here:
a) Red John was close friends of an adult policeman’s father. Red John was clearly a father-figure/uncle figure to this adult policeman. It is obvious that the adult policeman’s father was older – he had to be. Consequently there is not question that Red John must also be older.
b) When Red John sent an imposter to play him, he sent an older man. (Bradley Whitford). Someone who looks like Bradley Whitford is who Red John thinks Red John should look like.
c) During the course of the series there has been review of Red Johns’ history of violent activity and his violent activity dates back a long time. Remember the face on the Red Barn from many decades ago.
d) To have the network of contacts and power that Red John has are not created overnight or over a short time period but would only be created over a long time period. Additionally the person would have to have positions of influence in order to expand.

Red John Must Be a Character of Consequence

For certain viewers to suggest that characters who have had minor impact on the series could be Red John is ludicrous. If that was the truth, Bruno would be doing the series an incredible disservice. The character who will be Red John will be a character of consequence or importance.

The character who will be proven to be Red John dramatically simply has to be someone whose identity will be a shock to Jane. He will be someone Jane respects and likes.

Red John Must Have Years of Clues and Consistencies

This section dovetails with the previous two sections. There must be a long history of clues and consistencies. Red John clearly is someone who is older, someone who has a network of contact and influence and someone for whom there has been many clues and consistencies, some subtle, some less so.

For these reasons and many more, none of the seven men on the list can be Red John. This List is simply the ultimate ruse, the ultimate Red Herring.

Remember who created the List. It was Jane. Also remember that Jane left the information to be found in his work loft. Jane set a trap with the List just like he has set so many other traps. He left a toothpick in place so he could tell there was a break-in. When the toothpick proves a break-in, Jane is amused and smiles. Red John knows who is on the List because Jane gave him the List. The List is to put Red John at ease, to confirm for him that Jane only suspects seven others. After the break-in Jane takes down all the information in his loft as the “trick” is finished.

Regarding the list, this is simply never how Jane does things. He never has seven candidates, or if he does, he does not have seven candidates for very long. Jane crystallizes the candidates down quickly. That he has this List, that he allowed the List to be found and that the List has seven people on it shows clearly that the List is fake.

The list is simply a classic Jane and Bruno misdirection.

Then if Red John is not one of the men on the List, who is he? Red John is Minelli.

The fact that Red John is Minelli has been foreshadowed many times. Recently, Jane talked that it seemed less that he was fishing for Red John but that Red John was fishing for him. Also there was evidence of fishing line being involved in a violent incident. Of course, Minelli is the fisherman.

Remember the blood scrawl in Mexico which says “Man”

This is simply a misspelling of the name Minelli. For heaven’s sake I thought it was spelled “Manelli” not “Minelli,” at first.

At that same Mexico episode, Minelli, of course, gets there first. He is there when the location is determined. He then controls matters and personnel, ensuring he arrives first.

Minelli was always close – actually supremely close for many of the seasons. After arranging for the arrogant killing of CBI personnel, in the CBI building Minelli gives a cleansing, deflecting, heart- rendering speech and then retires. Minelli states he is simply so devastated by the killings he has to leave. Perfect. When he hugs Lisbon near the end of that episode he has an unusual look on his face. Lisbon became the representative for everyone. Minelli knows he has her clearly fooled and everyone clearly fooled.

Jane subconsciously knows more than he has taken notice of. He talks of Red John as a fisherman, not taking note of the fact that this points at Minelli. Additionally, Jane also consciously knows of Minelli’s contacts and influence. Jane goes to see Minelli on the pier, to get Minelli to use his contacts and influence to get information (La Roche’s list). This scene foreshadows in itself. Jane is searching and at the far end of the pier are answers – Minelli, Red John. Minelli, of course, gets Jane the information. Minelli also uses the meeting to further carve his persona as a man fighting demons and his past and drinking too much.

It is an interesting paradox/parallel that Jane also has pretended to be a man fighting demons and his past and drinking too much, to misdirect.

In the episode Jane also introduces Minelli to a nice, nurturing woman. (May Nelson) It is clear that Jane believes these two people will be good for each other. It will be very dramatic of this woman re-appears, especially if she is a victim of violence, especially Red John violence. This may be how Jane finally figures things out. Red John has suggested that he and Jane are similar. Jane clearly likes Minelli and this may be blocking him from clear analysis. Jane may be in denial about Minelli.

Over time the voice of Red John has been heard. Recently it has always been a voice electronically changed, clearly not how Red John truly sounds. In the Mexico episode, however, Red John himself phones Jane at the end, laughing. It clearly could be Minelli’s voice on the phone.

Finally, when Jane meets and kills Fake Red John (Bradley Whitford) Red John is in attendance. We have posted about this specifically previously. The man watching in the wings looks very much like Minelli.

When Jane killed Fake Red John (Bradley Whitford) we knew he was fake. Everything we thought would happen then happened. We believe again that we are right that there will be misdirection everywhere. Female characters may return and play a role, Characters such as Kristina Frye (Psychic) and Rosalind Harker. (Blind Woman)

We have already mentioned the woman Jane introduces to Minelli (May Nelson)

Let’s just watch it unfold – Minelli your time is running out.