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albatross1 said …
Unlike the Beatles, our Fave Four mastered more than one musical genre & rightfully earned the appreciation of more than one section of the public. Compared to Micky, who can belt out R&B with the best, & to Mike, who integrates country-western & rock, the Beatles are a namby-pamby genteel, tea-&-crumpets group. They talk generic pacifism but never had to worry about being called to serve in Vietnam, like Micky and Davy were called. Our Fave Four have EARNED their success in more than one way. Posted over a year ago
alexreqbox said …
Love this Music Posted over a year ago
monkeemania said …
RIP Davy, you will never know how much we will miss you, and how much you made our lives better in so many different ways. you tought us that anything is possible, even if your a nobody. you tought us that even if we are small, it never means we wont grow. Thanks for everything. we miss you. Posted over a year ago