The Nanny Seasons 4-6 of the nanny....(seariously, read on to hear how I got it!)

nannyfan248 posted on Mar 15, 2010 at 12:11AM
Everyone is wondering how to get seasons 4-6 of The Nanny on DVD. I was asking many people and I got the same answers everytime, "TBA", "Never", "IDK", and others simaliar to that. Well I decided to do some looking on the web, anything's possible on the internet! So I type in "The Nanny complete series on DVD" into the google search bar. I found myself looking on some random website, DVD I was thinking to myself, "This is so a fake, but its worth a try!" and yes, it was sort of pricey considering I was taking a risk but I had to go for it if I ever wanted my favorite TV show on DVD. So I ordered them. A few weeks later they came, I was so crossing my fingers, hoping they would work. I was kind of a let down, you see, there were 9 discs of The Nanny and when I tried them out only discs 7-9 worked on my regular TV (minus 1 episode but thats okay). I sent and e-mail to the company and they said they were sorry and sent me another set for free. Well the same thing happened with the second set so I just gave up. (They were from China, by the way)I went ahead and bought seasons 1,2,and 3 (The regular ones) and to go along with that I bought myself a portable DVD player with some leftover christmas money. I had saved the DVD's that didnt work in my drawer for about 6 months. Well, one day I whipped out the DVD's (that didnt work) and tried them out on my portable DVD player, I hadn't really thought about it before. Miraculosly they worked, but only on my portable DVD player, not my regular one.

The bottom line is that I at first had seasons 5 and 6 (on working discs 7,8,and 9) and then bought 1-3 which left me with 4 to still find somewhere. I even contacted my mom's friend who lives in China to see if she could find them there. After I gave up I tried the DVDs out on my portable and BOOM! They work! Now I am the proud owner of all 6 seasons. I have double sets of seasons 1-3 and 1 set each of 4-5-and 6. Try that if you want, it may be complicated and a little costly but if you want the complete series you've REALLY gotta look. Trust me, there's a way to get anything in this world, you've just gotta work hard to find it.

Hopefully this helps all people in search of the remaining 3 seasons and if not I'm sorry. Godd luck on your search and hope you get lucky like I did. :)

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over a year ago flutterby96 said…
awesome article! i'm also a hugeee fan of the nanny & i've been looking for a full box set forever when i came across this website:­Nan­ny.­htm­l
i just purchased it today & i can't wait to receive it in the mail :)
again, i loved your article! congrats, you derserve it after all that trouble. i hope you find season 4 soon!
over a year ago flutterby96 said…
oops - the link is actually "the nanny" with one t, but it won't let me edit.
over a year ago Lollabisk said…
Oh man, I couldn't afford all that! They cost $15.00 in Australia each, but probably on the internet they cost alot more. I've been aching walking around all day trying to find them, going in each DVD store, electronics store and everything in-between, but no luck.

I just wish I could get them, I am the worlds #2 fan, if it was taken away from me I would be very close to breaking down.

Now I know I can't get them...
helenafoster commented…
For the entire 6 years on television, this is the only show that I followed up to the end! I love this sitcom, each episodes really made me laugh so hard. I miss Fran and her nasal voice, it’s kinda annoying but who cares, that’s one of her asset haha! I bought a dvd set of this show at it has all the complete episodes from the entire 6 seasons. Like nannyfan 248, it also came from china but I never encountered any problem with the whole set! Feel great to have this collection! 7 months ago
over a year ago angiecakes said…
aww :( I need those seasons badly :(
over a year ago nagi-nade said…
Man, they neeeed to come out with them in the U.S. 4-6 are my favorite