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Article by nickb33 posted over a year ago
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On the same road that Noah & Alli dance on and see the movie, there is a street called "Calhoun Street" which is the last name of Noah. Just thought i would say that ahah.

Best movie ever, coming from a dude.
Ahah xD

This movie just brings the emotion in me out and makes me feel good and like i want to be a better man in life and towards girls.

I think this movie is how more people should look at life and want to show their emotion, because if portrays true love. After reading the book and watching the movie, I really wish there was more people in the world that could feel like they do about each other.
Opinion by noahmetallie posted over a year ago
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Hi, i just found this after starting a blog inspired by the film. I use the film as an inspiration, in the hope that I'll meet someone i feel so deeply about and hope they feel the same way. No idea if anyone's here or reading this anymore, but your thoughs and opinions on my articles are most welcome over at


No more assholes, and how did we meet them…

Last night I got no sleep after talking to someone, a female friend, who showed me how quick a guy would start sending her ‘personal pornography’ and hoping it would seduce her into meeting him. Up until that point they’d exchanged maybe 5 messages each, to settle a bet (between me and her) she replied to one of his messages with mild innuendo. The next response contained a little video he’d made of himself. The whole exchange took about ten minutes.
She showed me his profile on the website, it wasn’t a dating site, and you could quite clearly see he was married, even some of the honeymoon and holiday photos, with his wife in them. He was just an ordinary looking Average bloke. From the waist down too. I’m a bloke, but for...
Opinion by the4ampoet posted over a year ago
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I'll Rite a verse
Beneath a pale blue moon
And romance you
Like Noah Calhoun
Shall we lay in the road
And stare at the skies
Wishing on stars
that go shooting by
I'll read Poems to you nightly
as we sit on the porch
Shakespere tennesse and whitman of course
Deep down inside
I know that you feel
My love spins you around
on a giant ferris wheel
Can i row you out in a lake
surrounded in ducks
copy my poems
into your notebooks
and as we row back
the rain starts to pour
fabric clings to your body
and make me adore
everything about you
from your head to your toes
Cocoa coloured eyes
in Rain drenched clothes
and when you awake
i'll be the one that you need
a note left beside you
and this is how it will read
i love you my darling
never forget
365 poems ritten in sweat
i'll set a aside room
Opinion by puertoricangirl posted over a year ago
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Ok, this book annd movie is completly amazingg.!!! I love anything by Nicholas Sparks. Hes inspirational, right now im reading Dear John, Anyone else reading it.? Well, i could watch The Notebook a million times over and over again and still cry everytime, the same with A Walk To Remember, <---That one is awesomee.! Anyone else think so.? Also, I cannot wait until The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks comes out too, (the movie) Anyone else too.?? It has Miley Cyrus in it, and it looks verry good, you should check out The Last Song trailer on youtube. INCREDIBLE.Ok, guys. Comment it upp.!!

Opinion by Starwarschick18 posted over a year ago
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I love the Notebook because it is a modern day retelling of Romeo & Juliet. Even through Noah and Allie are from different back rounds they end up falling in love anyway despite that. I loved the novel the Notebook, and when I saw the movie adaptation, I was a tad disappointed because there were some details that were in the novel but weren't in the movie. Over time through I have accepted the flaws of the movie and have grown to truly love it as well. I totally love the on screen chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams they really fit their parts of star-crossed soul mates amazingly well. I can totally tell why they fell for each other while filming the Notebook! This is why I love the Notebook. If anyone feels the same way please leave your comments!