I'll Rite a verse
Beneath a pale blue moon
And romance you
Like Noah Calhoun
Shall we lay in the road
And stare at the skies
Wishing on stars
that go shooting by
I'll read Poems to you nightly
as we sit on the porch
Shakespere tennesse and whitman of course
Deep down inside
I know that you feel
My love spins you around
on a giant ferris wheel
Can i row you out in a lake
surrounded in ducks
copy my poems
into your notebooks
and as we row back
the rain starts to pour
fabric clings to your body
and make me adore
everything about you
from your head to your toes
Cocoa coloured eyes
in Rain drenched clothes
and when you awake
i'll be the one that you need
a note left beside you
and this is how it will read
i love you my darling
never forget
365 poems ritten in sweat
i'll set a aside room
filled with colours and canvass
so when you get the urge
you can paint whilst half undressed
and if your memory fades
i'll recite a verse
stay with you forever
for better or worse

And everything
i said is true
and my heart belongs to you
i know that you will keep it safe
wrapped in Love
night and day