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The fans pick: Yeah! His backstory, his personality, everything is well done!
The fans pick: Missing moments from the period Oncie lived in the Truffula Valley
The fans pick: Oncie? Bad?
The fans pick: Everything!
The fans pick: His mother
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EgoMouse said …
What I need in my life: A Once-ler movie. Not another Lorax movie, just a um...Once-ler movie lol. Posted 2 days ago
EgoMouse said …
When you love the movie, but still feel conflicted and annoyed that Once-ler had his giant company for only a few minutes before it collapsed. Realistically, Once-ler would of told more of his company because he gained his family's love from it. The Biggering song totally needed to be in the movie. The movie currently feels a bit of a supplement to the original, filling in the gaps that the original didn't explain. I like both movies, but lost the amazing potential with Biggering. Posted 1 month ago
avengerzrox said …
random question: oncie wuz still rilly rich even after the trees were gone so why did his mom stop sucking up 2 him??? Posted over a year ago