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The Originals

I don't undestand why people complain about it. The Originals is so much better than TVD!! It's a more mature and darker show. It looks like a true show with vampires, in Anne Rice style.
TVD is such a teenage drama with a never ending love triangle.

 Gabri3la posted over a year ago
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Sakkara98 said:
What answer do you want about that ?
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posted over a year ago 
That's not really helpful Hun X
Autumn_Heyes posted 10 months ago
Autumn_Heyes said:
TVD was the Original TV Series. Please try to be somewhat polite towards it as it gave the likes of Julie Plec the board from which to create The Originals.

She and all the assisted in the creation/making of T.O's owe everything TO TVD.

Yes TO's is far more mature and 'adult' in nature but that is because they developed characters that were TO's - 1,000 years old.

And thank the Devil they did.

Can you try to appreciate TVD as the Diving Board for the OG's.

Rah rah Julie Plec and Marguerite Macintyre for TVD AND TO's!!!
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posted 10 months ago 
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