You were at Buck's party by yourself, then someone covered your eyes and whispered meet me outside in five minutes. You couldn't tell who it was, but your curiosity got the best of you. As you stepped outside, you saw Dallas Winston, your long time crush. "Hey Dal," "Marisa, I've gotta tell you something," Dally bit his bottom lip and looked down at yours as you got closer to him. "Well, I've always liked you and I know I flirt all the time but you're different, you're special." Now Dally was holding your hands and pulling you closer to him. "If I can have you, I won't need anyone else in my life, so please Marisa, will you be my girl?" Your face probably looked shocked because right there Dally decided to pull you in for a long passionate kiss. "Yes! Dally, I will!" He smiled then you two got in his car and drove into the darkness of the night with intertwined fingers.