ponyboy, i asked the nurse to give you this book so you could finish it. the doctor came in a while ago, but i already new it anyway. i keep getting tired and tired. listen, i dont mind dying now it was worth it, it was worth saving those little kids, their lives are worth more than mine, they have more to live for. some of their parents came by to think me and it was worth it. tell dally it was worth it. im just gona miss u guys and iv been thinking about it. that poem, the guy that wrote it. he ment your gold when your a kid, like green, when your a kid everything is new, dawn, its just, when just u get used to every thing its day. like the way you dig sunsets pony, thats gold. keep it that way, its a good way to be. i want u to tell dally to look at one. he'll probly think your crazy but ask for me. i dont think hes ever really seen a sunset. and dont be bugged over being a greaser, you still have alot of time to make yourself be what you want. theres still alot of odd good in the world. tell dally i dont think he noes. your buddy, Johnny