I got home from school and just lite up a ciggerete, when Darry walked in the room.
"Didn't I tell you to do you'r homework before smoking any of that shit!" Darry said angrily to me.
"I will get right on it when i'm done Darry."
"Don't you talk back to me boy! Get on it now." He emphasiezed on the word "now".
Now Sodapop walked into the room, and Darry walked out, grabbing my ciggerete and putting it in a ashtray before he left.
"Hey Pony. Do you want to come to a party with me and Two-Bit?" Sodapop asked anxiously.
"No I have to do my homework. Darry's orders."
"Come on can't that wait? I'll be loads of fun."
"There gonna be girls?"
"Oh yeah."
At this point I didn't care what the girls looked like, I just cared that they were girls.
"Ok lets go."I said as I grabbed my jacket and walking out the door to wait for Two-Bit.
Soda followed me out the door.
We saw Two-Bit's car coming from up the street, and as it came closer, we saw Two-Bit in the car waving at us.
When he stopped the car, Sodapop went in the front seat, and I climbed into the back. There was boxes loaded with beer on the floor where I was sitting.
"Hey Pony can you hand me a beer?" Two-Bit asked me.
"Um. Sure." I said reaching into a box and grabbing beer bottle that i handed to Two-Bit.
"Do you want one Pony?" Two-Bit asked me as if he asked me this question every day.
"Two-Bit are you drunk? You know Pony aint old enough to drink beer yet." Soda said with concern in his voice.
"If I was drunk I wouldn't be driving right now with you and Ponyboy in the car now, would I? I just think Pony is mature for his age, and should be able to drink a little."
"Yes you would do that, and no he can't drink. Ponyboy is my little brother and is not old enough to drink alchohol."
"I'm not little." I said annoyed, and to defend what I had just said, grabbed a beer out of one of the boxes on the floor, opened it, and started to chug it down.
"Pony take it easy. I didn't mean to start a quarrel between you and Soda." Two-Bit said, seeing Soda's angry face staring at him, and me chugging down beer like there was no tommorow.
This was rare. Soda and I almost never argued. I was tempted to stop drinking, but I already felt a buzz and wasn't gonna stop now.
"Ok you know what Ponyboy, give me a beer." I never thought those words would come out of Sodapop's mouth. I stopped mid swollow, and started to cough when some beer went down my lungs. I was almost drunk, but still "in my head" enough to answer Sodapop.
"What? You don't drink beer. Why?" I was getting paranoid.
"I know I don't. Neither do you. I want to show you how it feels to see your brother drunk. I know you not completely gone right now, but close to it. Now give me a beer."
"Ok lets not get crazy right now Soda." Two-Bit said looking really scared, probally wondering what he got himself into.
Two-Bit was ignored, and I stupidly grabbed a beer and handed it to Soda.
"I won't care. This is gonna be fun. Especally when Darry sees us both come home drunk and beats the living daylights out of not just me, but you. And probally Two-Bit too, but thats not what we are talking about now!" I said with slurred speak, but not so slured that you wouldn't know what I was saying.
Sodapop wasn't speaking anymore, just focusing on the bottle that he had in his mouth, that was almost empty. Then he grabbed another one.
"Um, were here." Two-Bit said looking at the two, now totally drunk greasers, wondering whether he should bring us home or not.
"Great lets party!" I said staggering out of the car with two beer bottles in my hand, just incase there was none inside.
"I will be right in." Sodapop looked as if he were trying to figure out how to take off his seatbelt. Two-Bit undid it for him and helped him get up. Soda could barely stand.
"This is gonna be a fun night!" Two-Bit said winking at us as if totally forgetting the condition we were both in.
Two-Bit grabbed the boxes of beer and looked up at me and Soda and said chuckling,
"These were supposed to be for the partiers, but looks like they are gonna have to share thanks to you two drunks!" All of Two-Bit's worries had left him somehow, and he looked almost as if he were proud of how Sodapop and I could barely stand up. He put one of our arms on each shoulder to help support us and walked in with us.
Two-Bit sat us both down on a couch, grabbed the bottles out of my hands, and replaced them with bottles of water.
"Give one to your brother. I'm usually the one people have to do this for. Now its the innocent ones that are drunker than a cut rubbed with rubbing alchohol." He seemed to really be enjoying himself.
Suddenly Sodapop started to laugh for no reason at all. Then he was on the floor.
"Get up Soda, people are starting to think I drugged your ass up. And you stay sitting Pony, get some water in you." Two-Bit's worry was coming back, and he grabbed a couple of beers for himself.
Suddenly I started to hallucinate. Two-Bit called it, "tripping of my ass" later when my head was clear enough to ask him what was happening to me. Anyways, I thought Soda was Johnny, and I thought Two-Bit was Cherry.
"Cherry? Where am I? And why are you drinking so much beer? Did I do something wrong? Johnny! I thought you were dead! Whats going on?!?" I started to cry. I didn't know what was happening.
"Ponyboy snap out of it!" Two-Bit said alarmed putting down his beer to calm Ponyboy down. Sodapop was already passed out on the couch after his laughing fit.
Suddenly everything went dark. I could hear someones voice, but it sounded distint. I couldn't make out who it was. I couldn't open my eyes.
Then, I felt wet and cold. I was starting to be concious again, but couldn't open my eyes, or even move my body. I felt the same cold, wetness again go over my body, and that time it triggered my body to become alert again, and I slowly opened my eyes trying to focus them in on the world.
I realized that cold, wetness I was feeling was water before I realized who had poured it over me.
My eyes took a couple seconds to focus, and then I heard recognizable voices. It was Two-Bit and Darry trying to wake me up. I slowly sat up, and stared blankly into their faces, and then I thought someone had just hit me in the back of the head with a hammer. I screamed out loud.
"Are you ok Pony?" Two-Bit asked me when he heard me scream.
"Ok course he is ok! He is having a hangover because you are a careless peice of shit that let both of my younger brothers get drunk of their asses!" Darry's yelling felt like a bowling ball being dropped on my head.
"Look. I asked Ponyboy if he wanted one beer. That would not have gotten him drunk! It is your other brother that had to make a big fuss over it, and that is what caused them both to get drunk! I wasn't incouraging this!" I put aside the feeling of being of being shot in the head to think of what Two-Bit had just done. He yelled at Darry. I looked over and saw Sodapop still passed out, laying on the carpet, with Steve trying to wake him up by throwing water over him, just as Darry had done to me.
Darry looked at Two-Bit with his cold blue eyes, and in less than a second punched him in the nose. Two-Bit fell to the ground unconcious, and Darry started to kick him in the side of the head.
"Darry stop." He didn't hear me. "Darry stop your shit and get off Two-Bit!" My head was pounding.
"What did you say to me? Why don't you get off your little drunk ass and do your homework while I take care of this!?!" Darry responded.
"You broke Two-Bits nose! He's unconcious! Help him!" I forgot about my head. Two-Bit was injured badly. A blow to the nose could mean death.
Darry looked down at Two-Bit and called Steve over.
"What? I'm kinda busy right now. I think Sodapop had a little bit more to drink then Pony did, he won't wake up." Steve said wanting to go back and help Sodapop.
"He's having a hangover, he'll wake up. Right now I need you to take Two-Bit to the hospital and say he fell down a flight of stairs."Darry told Steve very demandingly.
"Fine. What happened to him?" Steve asked.
"Haha long story." I chuckled, a little giggly now.
Steve picked Two-Bit up, and flung him over his shoulder like he was 10 pounds, ran over to his car, and after throwing Two-Bit into the back seat, drove to the hospital.
"Now what were you thinking?" Darry asked me, while handing me some pain killer pills and water.
"Before I got drunk, while I was drunk, or when you were kicking Two-Bit's head?" I asked feeling witty at the moment. The medicine was working almost imidiatly.
"Dont try to sound smart, because that stunt you pulled last night was not smart. I almost had a hard attack seeing Sodapop being carried, and you being dragged into the house by Two-Bit. You were crying, so you oviouly didn't get drunk with a clear mind, and Two-Bit oviously was alitle fuzzy in the head too, because he meintioned to me as soon as he walked in how happy he was that Soda was passed out, because he thinks that Soda was drugged up, as well as drunk." What he said was true. Not about Soda being drugged, but about my mind before I acted in that stupid manner. I had not had a clear mind since the day Dally and Johnny left me. I wanted to stop thinking about that and quick so I focused my mind on something else. He said "last night". I looked out the window. It was daylight just as it had been when I left to go to the party.
"What do you mean 'last night'?" I asked dazed.
"You were drunk all night! Its not the same day Ponyboy!" Darry acted as if it were so ovious to me.
Sodapop was starting to move.
"Soda?" Both Darry and I asked at the same time to him.
He slowly sat up and opened his eyes, turning his head to look at Darry and I. He looked ashamed. More than I had, or even Two-Bit had.
"Hey guys. Weird party." He said that as if he were having a headache as well as I had been.
Darry handed him pain killer medicine and water just as he had for me.
"Ok. I don't feel like yelling anymore, I just did that, and broke Two-Bit's nose. Ok? So just tell me the truth Sodapop. Were you on drugs before you started to drink that beer shit? Two-Bit thought you were and it is bothering me so if you lie to me,...just don't." Darry said this so calmly it was almost scary.
"Yes." Sodapop responded.
"Yes what?" Darry's eyes widened as he asked that question.
"I was drugged up. I smoked crack right before I asked Pony to come with me. I wanted him to come to make sure I didn't do anything stupid, but I guess my stupidness caused him to do something stupid. I feel so stupid. I feel stupid just saying the word stupid so much. Stupid!" Sodapop was acting very strange, and I realized how large his pupils were. And how red his eyes were.
"I don't think it totally weared off yet, Soda. Go get some rest." Darry didn't act mad at all. I guess Soda was thinking the same thing cause he said,
"Arn't you mad? I did drugs, asked Ponyboy to come with me to a party right after I did them, I brang him into Two-Bit's beer filled car, started drinking as soon as Pony started, without trying to stop him, got drunk and staggered out of the car with Pony while both of us were drunk off our asses, and still went to the party, and passed out leaving Ponyboy on the couch hillucinating. Yes, I did hear some of his crying before my sleep was too deep. But I was too tired to care. This has to be the most careless thing I have ever done and I feel terrible." I couldn't believe it. Soda, Darry's "favorite perfect brother" did drugs. And, Soda acually said all that in one breath! He was very wired. Unlike the Soda I usually know.
"Thats why i'm not mad. You know what you did wrong clearly, and I don't blame you for going to drugs. Our life has been pretty crazy lately. Just promise me you will not resort to drugs again, and go to sleep because I can't stand seeing you like this." Darry said that as calmly as when he asked Soda if he was doing drugs.
"Ok, I promise, thanks Darry." Soda said that and walked into his room to go to bed.
"And I want you to get started on your homework mister, and promise me, no more drinking."
"I promise, no more drinking for me." I answered Darry and got up to do my homework in my room. It was as if nothing had even happened.

A few hours later in the day, Steve and Two-Bit came back. Two-Bit had a nose bandage cast thing, and a couple of bruises on his face but he was fine, and he apologized to Soda,me, and Darry for being stupid.