Continuity: When the boys arrive at the church fire, Johnny opens his door on the passenger side of the convertible twice (at 48:38 and 48:49 in 91 m.).

Anachronisms: When Ponyboy and Johnny go to the bar to see Dally, there is a song playing on the juke box called 'Jack Daniels if you please' by David Allan Coe, this song was written and released in 1978 although the movie takes place in the 1966.

Continuity: During the rumble, the Greasers and Socs are alternately wet/dry between shots, and the mud on Paul's white pants appears, and disappears, etc.

Continuity: Johnny's newspaper photo has him with short hair, but he didn't have his hair cut until just before the fire- from which he got severe burns. In his photo he is fresh faced.

Anachronisms: When Dally uses phone (at 01:24:07 in 91 m.), a tilted In-and-Out burger cup is visible. There were fewer than 20 open at the time, and only in Southern California.

Continuity: The bruise around Dally's right eye varies in size between shots after the rumble and into the hospital.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: When Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy are watching the movie at the drive in, Ponyboy starts laughing, but in the next shot we see Ponyboy in the background not laughing while the audio track of his laughing is still continuing (at 07:23 to 07:25 in 91 m.).

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Dallas falling out of the chair at the Drive-in (at 07:18 in 91 m.) was an accident and was not rehearsed. Ponyboy looks at the camera expecting Francis Ford Coppola to say cut, but they kept the shot instead.

Continuity: When Dally is in the hospital on his bed, he asks for a pocket knife. In the first shot he is reaching with his left hand while his right hand is under the blanket (at 01:05:33 in 91 m.). In the next shot, he is reaching with his right hand (at 01:05:37).

Continuity: When Johnny and Ponyboy are at the park, and the Socs first get there, Johnny reaches for his blade, in that shot Johnny's jeans have a hole on the pocket (at 24:50 in 91 m.). In the next shot that he takes out his blade the hole is gone (at 25:51).

Continuity: When the boys are breaking into the church there is some glass still attached to the sides of the window. They knock down some of it from the top, but some on the sides and top is still there. It disappears when they go through. (The 91 minute version does not show how they first get into the church.)

Continuity: When the Soc's chase after Ponyboy and Johnny after he spits in Bobs face, there is a duck in the fountain in one shot (at 25:42 in 91 m.), and then in the next it's gone.

Continuity: When Johnny returns from the store and shows Ponyboy the peroxide, shots change from him having a candy bar hanging out of his mouth and no candy bar. (This is not in the 91 minute version.)

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Ponyboy is reading the newspaper article about the church fire, the paper spells his name Pony Boy Curtis, rather than Ponyboy (at 53:57 in 91 m.).

Continuity: During the Rumble, when all the Greasers are lined up, Ponyboy is on Darry's right (at 01:13:35 in 91 m.), but when Darry turns to Ponyboy to tell him to stay close, Ponyboy is on Darry's left (at 01:14:06).

Boom mic visible: As Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are walking to the movies, when you see them walking in front of the store, the boom mic (and its operator) are reflected on the windows (04:47 to 04:53 in 91 m.).

Continuity: In the scene where Ponyboy is reading the letter from Sodapop, Dally is seen in the background with his right thumb hooked in his pants pocket (43:31 to 43:38 in 91 m.). The shot switches to a close-up of Dally lighting his cigarette with just his left hand while his right hand is about chest high (43:39 to 43:42). Then the camera comes back to Ponyboy with Dally in the background with his right thumb hooked in his pants pocket (43:43 to 43:45).

Continuity: At, the very end, when Dally robs the bank, he pulls out his gun at the store clerk and he points it on the clerk's right cheek (at 01:23:27 in 91 m.). The next shot of the clerk, shows the gun on the left side of the clerk's cheek (at 01:23:34).

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: After the boys come over for breakfast near the end of the movie, Ponyboy goes out on the porch. When he goes out (at 55:13 in 91 m.) there is a rip in the screen in door. When he comes back in the rip is gone (at 55:26). This is because the screen is pulled away from the frame near the door handle which can be seen when the door is open (55:13), but not when the door is closed (55:26).