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The fans pick: Josh Hutcherson (Guy from Journey to Center of Earth)
Josh Hutcherson (Guy from...
Zac Efron
because booby was still trying...
Saint Dane knows the language...
The fans pick: Uncle Press
Uncle Press
The fans pick: Cloral
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vospadder said …
I am currently on book ten, but I've been thinking (which usually never ends well), Pendragon is not as popular as it should be. One (me) out of 99 sixth graders knows about it. The series and author do not get as much praise as they should. 189 fans? I'm in other clubs with over 15000 fans, so lets tell everyone we know about pendragon to create a better, unified (not ravinia unified) Halla. Posted over a year ago
vospadder said …
Hobey ho ho ho, marry christmas. Posted over a year ago
Lyokowarrior13 said …
read 5 so far :) Posted over a year ago