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The fans pick: Yeah that would be so awesome!
Yeah that would be so awesome!
no that would be terrible
The fans pick: Emmy rossum
Emmy rossum
Sarah brightman
The fans pick: No theres better than both of them
No theres better than both of them
Yes without a doubt
The fans pick: "The Phantom Of The Opera"
"The Phantom Of The Opera"
"The Music Of The Night"
The fans pick: Might be interesting
Might be interesting
No they should adapt the original!!!
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wanderingchild7 said …
Although my birthday is in January I got my present this morning: A TICKET FOR THE STAGESHOW!!!! My mother had to buy it now to get one to the first rows. I'm going in February! Posted 1 month ago
Alchemistlover commented…
Awesome! I actually went in February a few years ago as well 1 month ago
Dorianfanlove85 said …
I have to say Emmy Rossum was GREAT as Christine! I actually love both her and Sarah Brightman. Also, since Emmy did so well singing the POTO songs, I would love to see her make an album of ALW songs. I would especially LOVE to hear her sing, "Don't Cry for me Argentina," from "Evita." I think she would be a great choice for Eva Peron, if she ever does Broadway. Would anyone else like to hear her sing that? No haters, only fans post, please. Posted 2 months ago
Alchemistlover commented…
Sierra Bogess is my favorite Christine but I also like Emmy she's cool and I was actually introduced to the story through the 2004 movie so she was the first one I saw 2 months ago
TBUGoth said …
Phantom Of The Opera Quizzes Posted 6 months ago
wanderingchild7 commented…
thanks for the quizzes! :) 6 months ago
TBUGoth commented…
You're Welcome 6 months ago
boothcrazy425 commented…
amazing quizzes 4 months ago