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The Phantom Of The Opera Question

How many versions of POTO currently exist? I want to know so I can watch/read them all :)

 FixinIt1 posted over a year ago
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The Phantom Of The Opera Answers

wanderingchild7 said:
1925. Lon Chaney version (An amazing silent film and one of my favourite adaptations. <3)

1943. Claude Rains version (This one has a different backstory, but has a lot of gorgeous opera scenes.)

1962. Herbert Lom version (It's also quite different from the original, but still good.)

1974. "The Phantom of the Paradise" (A rock musical that takes place in the 20th century. The plot is a mix of POTO and Faust. This film is pretty crazy (and a bit low budget) but I like it and the music is very good.)

1983. Maximilian Schell version (This takes place in Budapest (my hometown<3) instead of Paris and the plot has almost nothing to do with the original.)

1989. Robert Englund version (This is a slasher horror with some time travelling elements. I personally like Robert Englund's portrayal of Erik.)

1990. Charles Dance version (This is another quite different story and also has a stage musical adaptation (Yeston/Kopit) and also one of my favourite adaptations.)

1998. Julian Sands version (This one is awful. If you watch it, remember I warned you! :P)

2004. Gerard Butler version (A film adaptation of the ALW musical. It has some good things, but not my favourite.)

As for books, there is the original Gaston Leroux, so if you haven't read it already I advise you to start right now!!!! It's amazing! It's more of a gothic horror/mystery novel so if you expect full romance like the ALW musical, then probably you will be a bit disappointed, but believe me: it deserves reading!!! :)
The other books are fanfictions (like Phantom by Susan Kay or The Phantom of Manhattanby Frederick Forsyth). If you like the genre then there is a chance you will like these, (personally I don't like them), but I advise you to do some research before you choose to read one if you don't want to be surprised with random alternate endings, shippings and weed-smoking Eriks. :P

These are the stuffs that came to my mind now, but there are countless of other adaptations from awful horrors to Sherlock-Phantom crossovers and all-female musicals! (For me the Phantomreviews youtube channel helped a lot with finding new verisons.) I hope I could help you! :) Enjoy watching/reading these! <3
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posted over a year ago 
Which version is Micheal Crawford in? Seeing as how everyone apparently likes him.
FixinIt1 posted over a year ago
He was the original Phantom in thw Webber musical both on Westend and Broadway (and my personal favourite <3). There are no official recordings of him on stage, but there are a few bootlegs on youtube, some gala performances and a music video made for The music of the night, which is almost like a stage recording btw. He also sings on the original cast CD, (but I don't think it's the best recording with him, he sings many POTO songs way better in concert or on his own CDs).
wanderingchild7 posted over a year ago
Update! Finally got Susan Kay's book and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! I swear she gives Leroux a run for his money. As far as Forsyth's book, it was so awful, I couldn't even get past the first chapter. But there is another book that I have been in love with and if you haven't already read it, I seriously recommend it. It's called Letters to Erik. Very Lerouxy. Picks up where Leroux left off and goes from there. Also it gives Erik a happy ending(spoiler alert:he didn't really die). It's available on amazon by An Wallace.
FixinIt1 posted over a year ago
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