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Could Lightspeed Rescue be considered the darkest Power Ranger season?

I mean there's no comic relief. Not even Bulk and Skull, there's an intense, dark scene where Captain Mitchell and young Dana and Ryan get in a car accident and are hanging off a cliff and Ryan is hanging on to his dad's shoe, begging his dad to help him and he falls. He gets rescued but still, it was dark. Queen Bansheera was also quite frightening. There's also that scene where Bansheera kills Vypra which was a pretty dark and intense scene. Lightspeed Rescue just seemed so much different then any of the other seasons before and after. Don't get me wrong, I really liked Lightspeed Rescue but could it have been a little dark for kids?
 beekee404 posted over a year ago
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Robertoiglesias said:
The darkest Power Rangers season is Lost Galaxy because this is the only series that had a Power Ranger die in the season. Kendrix, the pink ranger, dies in Lost Galaxy.
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posted over a year ago 
To be fair, she did come back to life later so that made it less dark in my opinion.
beekee404 posted over a year ago
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