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Fan fiction by LadyUnicornKiss posted over a year ago
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Sugar, spice, and everything nice, that how they all saw her, only her sisters knew the real her, and believe me, her sisters even acted like they didn't know the real her. People looked at her as the immature, ignorant and too aggressive one, yes, she was all three of those thing's, but she was also more than that, too bad no one would never let her show that she can be more...
Her sisters always got more attention; Blossom always winning science fairs, anf getting straight A's, or Bubbles always winning a beauty pageant, or becoming lil miss 2013 in Townsville middle school.
The only attention she had ever gotten was from her enemy's, and that was because they were getting hurt from the young 13 1/2 year old girl,..... The only way to get her fathers attention was to get in trouble, and lately, she was getting into a whole lot of trouble. Especially From; fighting, inappropriate remarks, and being disobedient. She, for some reason kept on thinking if she kept doing this, her father would actually stop and think about it, and then finally realize she,s doing it for his attention,...... But unfortunately..., he never did. You know after 8 1/2 of her...
Fan fiction by RowdyRuff_01 posted over a year ago
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Family?Happy?Love?I don’t know the meaning of that.I’m not stupid,I’m a very intelligent person,just I’ve never experienced none of those things.I spent most of my time on the streets,watching it at night and listening to the people who play the guitar to make a living,and of course singing to it sometimes.Butch and Boomer don’t really care where I am.We never really acted like brothers.So,the streets are like a family to me.Sounds lame,right?But I don’t care.And of course,every Christmas,I’m also alone.I don’t even try to be with my broth- actually I’m not sure what they are,or to get them a gift.
Cristmas is coming soon.Oh,the joy,I am so happy.Sarcastic,ha ha.But,this year,I decided something.If they are not acting like brothers,why shouldn’t I act like one?So,I’m gona get them a gift.But,it’s night,I can’t just break into the stores,actually I can,but I don’t wanna get on and on with Pinkie,I’m just not in the mood for that.Better wait morning…
I didn’t even realize I slept on a bench the whole night,I never went home.I woke up,my fiery red hair right on my eyes.Dang,I really do have long hair.Umm,I think I forgot...
Opinion by BrandiUtonium posted over a year ago
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So Brandi & Brick just finished robbing a candy store and sat outside an Ice Cream parlor.
Brick:So,where do u live?
Brandi:Um,im planning to ''make'' a house today
Brick:I can help!
Brandi:Ok,after we can hang out
Brick:Ok -thinks- I think I kind of like Brandi -thinks-
Brandi:Let's go! Bring the candy!
-Brick and Brandi fly to 2 houses-
Brandi:This is perfect!
Brick:There's houses there though
Brandi:I know -combines both house and paints the purple-
Brandi:Lets hang out now
-Both go inside-
Brandi:-turns on tv-
Brick:Ughh a romance!
-They both watch anyway-
Brick:-thinks- Dude its a romance movies just kiss her! -thinks-
Brandi:-thinks- Just go for it Brandi,just kiss him
-Brandi and Brick close their eyes and kiss-
Brick:Oh,um,Im sorry!
Brandi:No no,im sorry
Brick:-takes a deep breath- uhh Brandi will u go out with me?
Opinion by BrandiUtonium posted over a year ago
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Brandi Utonium was sent to destroy the PPG by The PowerPunk Girls,her creators.She Flew in the other dimension.When she got the she saw The PowerPuff Girls fighting some boys.She flew over and threw the boys to the ground,the girls thanked her and Brandi said your welcome then kicked them very hard to the ground.
Buttercup:Hey whats ur problem!!!!????
Blossom:Ya! U kicked us to the ground!!!!
Brandi:I don't have a problem,but ur guys are going to have a big problem!
Bubbles:Uhh guys what is she talking about?!
Brandi:-laser beams them then kicks them acroos town-
PowerPuff Girls:Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brick:Hey! Who do u think u are!
Butch:U inturupted are fight!
Boomer:And kicked the girls but then threw us on the ground!!!
Brandi:Calm down! Just trying to beat the up
Brick:A girl?
Butch:U wannna beat them up??
Boomer:-thinks- what a show off -thinks-
Brandi:Of course! Say...since u hate them to,you guys can help me!!!
Opinion by applejackrocks1 posted over a year ago
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At home with the PPG....

Blossom: Did you heard the bad news girls?
Bubbles: No, what?
Blossom: The Rowdyruff Boys are moving in to our school!
Buttercup: That just Sucks!
Blossom: I know!
Bubbles: I just hope they don't ruin nothing!
Buttercup: Yeah! I swear that if they dare to mess the school up, I'm gonna punch them to the death!
Blossom: YEAH!

(The professor comes in)

Professor: Girls! Time for school!
Buttercup: sh*t..
Professor: What did u say young lady?!
Buttercup: I said shoot! I said shoot!
Blossom: *rolls eyes* Of course you did.
All: *flies to school*

At school....

Blossom: *sits in a lonely table*
Bubbles: *sits in another lonely table*
Buttercup: *sits in another lonely table*
Ms. Keane: Good Morning class! As you all know, we're having 3 new students!
Fan fiction by ILoveThePPG posted over a year ago
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Well, hello guys! It's me, ILoveThePPG. Well, I'm starting a new fanfiction, as you can see it's called Luminous. Idk why, that just came to mind as a title. Pairings: BlossomxDexter, BubblesxBoomer, ButtercupxButch, & BrickxOC. Don't like click away, okay? You don't have to read it. Oh, & don't bother with rude comments because I will just point & laugh. I could care less what rude people think. But those of you who are open-minded & that like my stories I hope you will like this one. Criticism is welcomed. Thank you. (:
Blossom was furious. Her anger could have never been more palpable. As she sat at her desk in her room, she anxiously ran her hands through her long, orange-colored hair. The Powerpunk Girls had caused trouble in Townsville once again, for the sixth time this week. Sure, she was a superhero, but even she got stressed out occasionally. After she, Bubbles, & Buttercup got home, Blossom insisted on going to her room for some alone time.
Opinion by BrandiUtonium posted over a year ago
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Brandi Utonium walked into the mall with her purple clothes on,when she walked her long,blonde pony tails moved in the wind.
She walked into a store called Hot Topic.
As she went to get some more bracelets,she Brandon,a member of The Tough Boy Gang.
She picked up some bracelets and got a pair of shoes.
She paid for them than walked over to Brandon,Brandon was looking at the shoes.
Brandi:Hi Brandon
Brandon:-he turned around to see Brandi standing there-Hi Brandi
Brandi:Long time no see dude -she said as she hugged him-
(Just then Brutuse & Brady walked in)
Brady:Um..hi Brandon
Brutuse:I didn't know you were hanging out with Brandi
Brandon:We weren't hanging out,we were just talking
Brady:Sure dude thats why she hugged you
Brutuse:I think little Brandon has a girlfriend
Brandi:Um,I'll just let you 3 talk,nice seeing you Brandon -she said as she walked out the store heading over to the smoothie place-
Opinion by BrandiUtonium posted over a year ago
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The Awesome Girl Squad when they were little
(The Awesome Girl Squad are in 1st grade,they are 5 years old,They and The Tough Boy Gang are freinds,they are not villians and not super heros yet,The Awesome Girl Squad's parents went on a vacation,when they were on there way home on the plane,it crashed,Beetsie was the only one who knew about this,her sisters said they abanded them but the always said something to make them feel better)

Beetsie:-taking in her little voice-Hi guys
Beezus:Do you guys want to play tag or hop scotch?
Brutese:Lets play hop scoth!
-just as they were about to play the bell rang-
Brandon:Aww,I guess we can't play
Brandi:We'll see you guys tomorrow
Brady:Can we come to your guys' house?
Beetsie:Um...no,srry we have alot of things to do
Brutese:Ok,bye guys

(They all walk home)

Brandi:Why did mom and dad leave us?
Beetsie:They thought we would be better off without them
Beezus:We're only 5 Beetsie,just admit it,they never wanted us
Opinion by BrandiUtonium posted over a year ago
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How I look at Brandon when were fighting
Im Brandi Utonium.
I'm a member of The Awesome Girl Squad.
I only wear neon purple and light purple.
I always wear my blond,long hair in a ponytail with little ribbons tying them.
My enimies are The Tough Boy Gang.
My sisters are Beezus and Beestie.
I'll be continuing The Awesome Girl Squad articles by XxPowerPuffxX,she is my friend,but i call her sis,I told her to right The Awesome Girl Squad article I invented because i didn't have a Fanpop,after she published the story i made a Fanpop.
The person i like the most of The Tough Boy Gang is Brandon,Brandon is blond and wears dark blue.
Sometimes when me and my sisters are fight The Tough Boy Gang,I start to act nice and blush a little when im by Brandon.
Some of my best friends are The PowerPuff Girls,
Brat is kind of a nice person,if u don't get her mad,Berserk is just violent and Brute is no doubt the meanest PowerPunk,
Thats a little about me and a little about what I think about people
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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The Awesome Girl Squad
(theres 3 memebers of The Awesome Girl Squad,Beezus,Beetsie,and Brandi,Beezus has bron hair and wears green,Beetsie has orange hair and wears pink,and Brandi has blond hair and wears neon purple)

Beezus:Im so bored
Beetsie:I am 2
Brandi:Anyone see The Tought Boy Gang?
Beezus:No,but let's go look for them
Beetsie:There probable at the bank.....robbing it
Brandi:Lets not waste no more time!
(The Awesome Girl Squad flies to the bank)

(Theres 3 members of The Tough Boy Gang,Brutese,Brady,and Brandon,Brutuse has brown hair and wear green,Brady has orange hair and wears red,and Brandon has blond hair and wears blue)

Brutuse:Get more money before The Awesome Girl Squad comes!
Brady:ya ya,Since im the leader,I say!
Brandon:Ya Brutuse!
Brady:Shut up Brandon,get more money!
Beezus:Your not gonna get anything after we're done with u!
Beetsie:Drop the money boys
Brandi:Hi Brandon...I mean drop the money!
Fan fiction by ILoveThePPG posted over a year ago
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Okay guys. Ch. 5 is here. Squee~ X3
Braxton flew in through the window of his home & into the room he shared with his two brothers, Burn & Blix. They had to share a room because of the simple fact that their house was small. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room. Every room was so tiny.
Braxton tiptoed over to his matress (they were too poor to have real beds, & 13 was really too young for a job, although he knew Cassie & her sisters got payed for fighting crime along with their parents. He didn't because he was a villain).
Burn stirred slightly, opening his blue eyes. He sat up &, rubbing them sleepily, said,
"Dude, where were you? If our mothers knew you went out you'd be dead."
"Not so loud," Braxton whispered harshly, "& I was with Cassie."
Burn smiled.
"This is gonna be good. Blix, get your skinny ass up. Brax has a story to tell." Burn whisper yelled, kicking Blix off of the mattress the two of them shared. Blix blinked his green eyes, before folding his arms over the mattress & resting his head on them.
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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(the powerpuff girls are not home in their room with their pjs on)
Buttercup:Why did the Profeser have to interupt the fight?
Blossom:We have school tomorrow though
Buttercup:But we could have 1 this time!
Bubbles:We can get them tomorrow! :)

RRB:-looks in the PPG window-
Brick:Aww there all sad
Boomer:Butch stop yelling!
Butch:Your yelling!!!
Brick:Shut up!!!!!

Buttercup:-looks out window and see the RowdyRuffs yelling about something-
Butch:-sees Buttercup looking at them,pokes Brick-
Brick:What do you want!!!
Boomer:What about..-looks in window-oh.....
Buttercup:-opens window-What do you want!!!!??
RRB:-goes in their room-
Blossom:Brick is a-
Brick:Brick is a what!?!
Blossom:Oh hi Brick
Boomer:-explaned soome stuff to Buttercup-So can we?
Buttercup:Why would we let you sleep her?
Fan fiction by ILoveThePPG posted over a year ago
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IT'S HERE, ITS HERE, ITS HERE ITS HERE. ABOUT DAMN TIME, CH. 4. I hope you guys are still reading this. On to it!
Braxton noticed this.
"Cass, you okay?" He asked worriedly.
Cassie blinked owlishly.
"....Yeah. Just surprised, that's all." She replied. The Powerpunk Girls were the sworn enemies of her & her cousins' parents. How could she never have guessed? Braxton noticed her nervousness.
"My brothers and I, well let's just say the product of a one night stand. Our mothers' superpower DNA won over any normal DNA. Our fathers don't really have anything to do with us, & our mothers are just mean." Braxton said to Cassie, hating that he was being so weak in front of her. He was supposed to be the strong one, dammit! Yet here he was, telling his longtime crush-& now girlfriend-his life story. He felt terrible. Not only for spilling his guts to her but for probably freaking her out. Freaking her out meant the possibility of losing her. Braxton's heart nearly stopped at the thought of that. Tears came to his eyes but he blinked them away. No way was he going to lose her.
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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Narator:The city of Townsville,oh what a peaceful place and- Is that the RowdyRuff Boys!!!

Brick:There they are boys!
Butch:Let's go get those PowerPukes!!
Boomer:Ya the PowerPukes!
Brick:-smacks Boomer- no

Meanwhile with the powerpuffs...

Blossom:We should be getting home now girls
Bubbles:-looks at sky- Are those the RowdyRuff Boys?
Buttercup:-look at sky- Those are the RowdyRuff Boys!!
Blossom-I think there heading this way!!!

Brick:Hey Sissys!
Butch:Come and get us PowerPukes!
Boomer:Ya,what he said!

Buttercup:Boomer your just getting worst at talking!

Brick:Just shut up and fight us!

Blossom:-trys to lazer beam Brick-

Brick;You missed sissy!

Buttercup:-punches Butch-
Butch:Is that all you?

Bubbles:-trys to throw lazer ball at Boomer-
Boomer:-hits lazer ball with baseball bat-
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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Authors note: if you're younger than 12, dont read this.

With Bc....

Bc: man, i miss you so bad Butch.....I wish you were here right next to me. I'd do anything to see your face once more.

Suddenly Brute comes up to her

Brute: well well well, look who I found
Bc: what do ya want Brute? If your gonna kill me, just do it!
Brute: Me? No no no, I would never do that.
Bc: *rolls her eyes*
Brute: (Sits close to Bc)
Bc: what gives?!?!
Brute: oh nothing.....


Brute: so Bc, have you ever heard of Drugs?
Bc: I guess, why?
Brute: (pulls out a cigarette of her pocket) want one?
Bc: uhhhhhh no?
Brute: why not?
Bc: beca-
Brute: are ya a wimp?
Bc: no
Brute: so what are ya waiting for? Here (hands over cigarette to bc)
Bc: is this safe?
Brute: Beats me....(starts smoking)
Bc: hmmmmmm....(starts staring at the cigarette)
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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So whete was I? Oh yea.....

Brick: but are u sure your ok?
Bc: yea im sure..... Brick? Boomer?
Boomer: yea?
Brick: what?
Bc: ummmmmm Blossom and Bubbles are waiting for u in a store called "Forever 21
Brick: crap! Now we needa spend money for their clothing
Boomer: (leaves)
Brick: (leaves)
Bc: *sigh* f*** you Beck!
So then Bc started walking around the mall but bumps into someone.......
Bc: watch it!
Brat: Bc? Is that you?
Bc: the only bc! Now who are you?
Brat: (Gives her a hug)
Bc: wha?
Brat: its me Brat!
Bc: Brat? Hmmmmm Brat.......*silence*
Bc: Brat plutonium?
Brat: exacly!
Bc: long time no see! (Hugs her back)
Brat: look Bc, my sisters are here in a punk store, dont let them see you ok?
Bc: ok.....bye!
Brat: hehe yea Bye!
So Bc went to Taco Bell and bought a coke, she sits in a table

(Scene changes where Blossom and Bubbles are)
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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So years has past since Butch's death, now The PPG and The RRB are 14, blossom is now Brick's GF and Bubbles is Boomer's GF!

Blossom: (painting her nails)
Bubbles: (drawing)
Bc: (playing video games) bubbles, your 14 and u still like to draw?
Bubbles: yup!
Blossom: hey girls? Brick just texted me
Bc: and?
Blossom: it says I love u
Bubbles: blossom?
Blossom: yea Bubbs?
Bubbles: would u like to go to the mall with me?
Blossom: sure! But for what?
Bubbles: for CLOTHING!
Blossom: (give a hi-5 to bubbles)
Bc: (face palm)
Blossom: do u wanna come too bc?
Bc: whateves, but I ain't buying anything
Bubbles: kk
Blossom: lets go then
So they all went to the mall, when they entered blossom and bubbles rushed to the store called "Forever 21"
Bc: I'm not going in there (stops walking)
Bubbles: fine, just let's meet in Starbucks in 30minutes ok?
Bc: k (sits on a bench beside someone)
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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Bc: AHHHHHHH!!!! (punches bully)
Bully: (punches Bc back)
Bubbles: why do u think she's helping me?
Blossom: cause of Butch
Bubbes: wow.....
Bully: (grabs a baseball Bat)
Bc: shoot.....
Bully: (about to hit her)
(Ms.Keane comes back)
Ms.Keane: sorry student I was late b- BC! BILL!
Bc: shit.....
Ms.Keane: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Bully: ummmmmm well we were just playing baseball.....
Ms.Keane: and why is BC's hand is bleeding?
Ms.Keane: yea, that's what I thought....you two DETENCION!!
Bc: But!
Ms.Keane: WHAT?!?!?
Bc: ....nothing
(In detencion)
Bc: (walks in detencion class and sees lots of Emo kids there)
Bully: welcome pipsqueak
Bc: grrrrrrr (sits in a chair)
A Emo: long time no see eh?
Bc: shut up
Emo: u ok?
Bc: leave me alone
Ms.Keane: now students how about we share why are we all here?
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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Let's continue with the story, shall we?.........
Note: their still in school playing outside

Blossom: well, that's the first time I see Bc acting like.....
Bubbles: who?
Blossom: you.....
Bubbles: HEY!
Blossom: I'm just saying
(Suddenly Bc walks torward blossom and bubbles)
Bc: Hey girls!
Bubbles: hi
Blossom: (slaps bc)
Bc: OWWWW! What was that for?
Blossom: nope, it didnt work
Bc: anyways I was wondering if y'all wanna play something
Blossom: like what?
Bc: tag? Ummmmm Skip? Uhhhhhh do braids in our hair?
Blossom: doesn't it sound girlish all those things to you?
Bc: not anymore
Blossom: no thanks we don't wanna play those stuff
Bc: oh, ok, sorry to bother you (walks to a tree)
Bubbles: why did you d-
Blossom: because Bubbles, Bc is changing and I do-
Bubbles: yea, I understand
(Suddenly Ms.Keane comes outside)
Ms.Keane: CLASS! I going to the mayor's office to talk to him about something
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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So right now Bc, is getting ready to go to the Cemetery........

Blossom: Buttercup, where the heck are you going?
Bubbles: yeah it's 11:00p.m.!
Bc: shhhhhhh! I don't want professor to hear us
Blossom: but where are u going?
Bc: I'm getting ready to go to the cemetery!
Blossom: but it's late!
Bc: I don't care if it's late!
Bubbles: you are soooooooooooo creepy
Bc: yea, I get that a lot.......(starts getting a pillow and a blanket)
Bubbles: are you going to sleep in the Cemetery?!?!?!?
Bc: yup!
Blossom: arent you scared to go sleep there?
Bc: (stares at blossom) I ain't scared of anything
Bubbles: (rolls her eyes) ofcourse your not buttercup
Bc: bye girls!
Blossom: bye!
Bubbles: careful with the zombies!
Bc: (leaves)
Blossom: really bubbles, zombies?
Bubbles: well.....yeah

With Buttercup.......

Bc: Stupid Berserk, Stupid Brute! Stupid me.........
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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With Buttercup flying with Butch in her arms......

Bc: D-D-Don't worry Butch, it's going to be ok (a tear rolls down her cheek) *sniff* j-j-just hang on their please......don't leave me, I need you now............

(buttercup gets home with Butch Dead in her arms, she knocks on the door)

Bc: *knocks on door*
Bubbles: (opens Door) BUTTERCUP! BUTCH!
Bc: *crying* AHHHHHHHHHHH!
Bubbles: are you okay? (sees blood dripping down Bc's forehead, lips, and hand)
Bc: b-b-bubbles! Tell professor to help Butch, just leave me here
Bubbles: but what about yo-
Bubbles: if you say so (takes Butch in and leaves Bc outside)
Bc: (falls down) AHHHHH!!!!! I will not Die I will survive!
(Brick and Boomer sees Bc and flies torwards her)
Boomer: is she ok?
Brick: (slaps boomer) dude! Do u think she's ok?
Bc: b-b-brick.......your brother, Butch........is dead.......
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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In the powerpunks home......

Brute: (ties Bc on her bed)
Bc: (wakes up) huh?
Berserk: well well, you finally woke up!
Bc: w-w-what are u going to do with me?
Berserk: let's just say, your lungs will be a new pillow for me
Bc: your going to open my body?!?!?
Berserk: well with a knife ofcourse!
Brat: *thinking* I can't believe I kinda feel sad about Bc
Berserk: we'll be right back
Brute: yea, I needa go polish my special knife to cut you open
Berserk: we'll b back in ten minuetes (leaves)
Brute: (leaves)
Brat: (decides to hide behind her door to spy Bc)
Bc: I wake up, I see that everthing is ok, the first time in my life, now it's so great.....slowing down, I look around and I'm so amazed.....
Brat: *thinking* she's happy that my sisters and me are going to kill her?
Berserk: IM BACK!!!!
Brute: yea, I finished polishing my knife
Berserk: now, are you ready to die Buttercup?
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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So where was I hmmmmmmmm.....OH YEAH!..........

Butch: (wakes up) *yawns* huh? Oh, 'morning buttercup!
Bc: (wakes up) *yawn* hey physico dude!
Butch: hehe
Bc: what time is it?
Butch: it's uhhhhhh.......... 8:35 A.M.
Bc: oh.......WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Butch: I said its 8:35 A.M.
Bc: Shoot!
Butch: what's wrong?
Bc: ugh! I'm totally gonna be grounded forever!
Butch: why?
Bc: you doo-doo head! I was suppose to be home 11 hours ago!
Butch: uh-oh...... Come on! Let's fly!
Bc: k (starts flying back home)
Butch: (starts flying with bc)
Bc: I just hope the professor is not mad at me
Butch: I hope too!
Bc: finally we're here *knocks on the door*
Blossom: (opens the door) well well well look who appeared
Bc: blossom! Is professor home?
Blossom: yup, he's in the living room
Bc: oh-no!
Butch: don't worry bc, I'll be right beside you!
Bc: *walks in the living room* h-h-hi professor
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Let's see where was I? Oh yeah.......

Butch: you really think my voice was awesome?
Bc: yup!
Butch: *blushes* thanks
Bc: hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: (stares at butch)
Butch: (stares at bc) *whispers* wow.....
Bc: (about to kiss butch, but then....)
(bubbles walks in the room and sees bc about to kiss butch)
Bubbles: OMG!!!!
Bc: huh? Oh! Ummmm didn't see you there bubbles....
Bubbles: awwwwwwww
Bc: shut up!
Bubbles: it's the same old buttercup hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe?
Butch: anyways.... Bc?
Bc: yeah?
Butch: can I ask ya something?
Bc: wait a sec....... Hey bubbles?
Bubbles: yeah?
Bc: DO U MIND?!?!?!?
Bubbles: oops, sorry! (leaves)
Bc: continue....
Butch: well I wanted to see if you would like to.....
Bc: to what?
Butch: if you would like to go to dance class with me
Bc: but I can't dance
Butch: well me either, but we can both learn........together
Opinion by applejackrocks posted over a year ago
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Bc: oh yeah! He still loves me uh huh! (tries to dance)
Bc: oops I forgot I can't dance hehe (starts eating the chicken wings butch sent her)

Well that was a bad decision, the smell of the chicken wings attract a bear.......
Bc: wow these chicken wings are awesome!
Bear: ROAR!!!!!!!
Bc: uhhhhh do u mind? I'm eating!......... UH-OH! (tries to fly but fails)
Bear: (chasing BC) ROAR!!!!!!
Bc: (running but trips) p-p-please don't hurt me
Bear: (about to scratch her but then...)
Voice: don't hurt her..... Bad bear!
Bear: (looks back and forth)
Voice: leave her alone please!
Bc: huh?
Voice: don't worry Buttercup, you'll be safe.......
Bear: *leaves*
Bc: who said that? Was it u Butch?
Voice: no tee-hee!
Bc: blossom?
Voice: your getting closer!
Bc: BUBBLES!?!?!?!?
Voice: hehe yep!
Bc: w-where are u?
Voice: here
Bc: are you still alive?
Voice: ofcourse I am!