Here is an article on my favourite characters from PATF.

Tiana: The first African American Princess from Disney Tiana is a hardworking waitress in 1920’s New Orleans. She dreams of opening up her own restaurant out of her tips that she gets from her current place as a waitress. She is a cross between Cinderella and Belle (well I think anyway) because she’s hardworking like the two princesses I mentioned below.

Naveen: He has to be my favourite prince because his so witty and a real charmer(aka a womanizer). He gets transformed into a frog by Dr Faciller who is the villain in the movie.

Lawrence: A dead ringer to Nathanial from Enchanted, he is the prince’s servant who disguises himself as Naveen by Dr Faciller who wants to steal money off Big Daddy who is Charlotte’s dad. He is quite annoying especially that dreadful accent.

Charlotte: Aka Lottie she is the best friend of Tiana who is the main character. I find her over the top hilarious as she is always nagging and very annoying may I add. She wants to marry the fake Naveen as she likes the prince. She is suppose to be a princess as well as she tries to kiss real Naveen as a frog but it doesn’t work?.

Mama Odie: OMG this one is so funny, especially when she sings the song Dig a little deeper which is my favourite song (It don’t matter what you look like ). She is around 200 years old and is blind.

Louis: The fun loving trumpet alligator he is another character I found hilarious as he wants Mama Odie to change him into a human so that he can play the trumpet.

Dr Faciller: Not the best villain in my opinion as I find him to be very dark and scary. He is a voodoo doctor who transforms Naveen into a frog and Lawrence into Naveen so that he can marry Charlotte who’s father is rich.

Ray: Ahw Ray the firefly, I personally thought that he was alright he is friends with Louis and is in love with a star called Evangeline which is another name believe or not for Venus(the goddess of love). He sings a song called My Evangeline near the middle of the movie.