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Opinion by _malllliiii_ posted over a year ago
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I can honestly say that the movie is just as good as the book of The Princess Bride. Of course, as in every book adaptation, there are some scenes missing from the movie, or scenarios that are explained better in the book. I watched the movie way before I even knew it was based on a book, I was only like, 5. But when I read the book, I was actually very disappointed at just how much they didn't add to the movie. The book explains Inigo's father's struggles with the sword making, plus, it also explains Inigo's first encounter with the six-fingered man. Now that intrigued me. In the movie, they explain things, but it is very vague and I always tend to forget when watching it. The characters either mumble what happened so that you can barely understand them, or they start explaining at a very weird time, I don't really know how to explain that part. Anyway, in the book, of course, all the scenes are explained in a much more thorough manner. Besides the random missing scene, which there are only a couple of, the directors of this movie were pure geniuses! They portrayed everything so well, and chose the perfect actors and actresses for every single character. I will never be...
Opinion by ITF posted over a year ago
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* You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.
* Not much can get in the way of true love.
* There's not a lot of money in revenge.
* Beware of princes who smile too much.
* Overconfidence can be deadly.
* Inconceivable does not mean impossible.
* Getting fired can wreck a person's self-confidence.
* Remember that a chocolate coating can help things go down easier.
* After 20 years at something, a person *ought* to be amazing at it.
* Even if you're the best, there's always someone better.
* Assets don't always look like assets.
* People in masks cannot be trusted.
* However, masks are reported to be terribly comfortable.
* Don't distract people when they're climbing a sheer rock face.
* In swordfighting, employ Bonetti's Defense on rocky terrain.
* If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything.
* Criminals are used to having people not trust them.
* When there is no time for an explanation, a brief summary will have to do.
Fan fiction by dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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((This is, in all honesty, my favorite part. If you like this, I'll put up more excerpts from the book. If you don't like this, too bad. I'll still post excerpts. Remember, life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.))

Vizzini was waiting for him.
Indeed, he had set out a little picnic spread. From the knapsack that he always carried, he had taken a small handkerchief and on it he had placed two wine goblets. In the center was a small leather wine holder and, beside it, some cheese and some apples. The spot could not have been lovelier: a high point of the mountain path with a splendid view all the wy back to Florin Channel. Buttercup lay helpless beside the picnic, gagged and tied and blindfolded. Vizziniheld his long knife against her white throat.
"Welcome," Vizzini called when the man in black was almost upon them.
The man in black stopped and surveyed the situation.
"You've beaten my Turk," Vizzini said.
"It would seem so."