my third crossover of the proud family featuring the ice age gang .my first one was the crossover with the ppgz and rrbz the second was kaname , yuki and their children.

The proud family theme song

the proud family
you and me will always be tight
family every single day and night
even when you start acting like a fool
you know i'm loving every single thing you do
i know that i could always be myself
i love you more than anybody else
and ever day i'm acting like a fool you knwo there's no one else i love as much as you
family a family,proud family
they'll make you scream
they'll make you wanna sing
it's a family thing , a family proud , proud family proud family
proud family
they'll push your buttons
they'll make you want to hug them
family a family
family,a family, proud , proud family

the proud family house is shown

Trudy:oscar for the last time we can't let the patients at the doctor's eat proud snacks it's not good for them besides they need to rest and you know how dangerous it can be to feed junk food to sick patients.

Oscar:trudy baby these proud snacks can cure a person's sickness into a one to a hundred.

Trudy:yeah right like you can help them but let the doctors do their jobs please ?

Oscar:fine have it your way.

meanwhile in the ice age

Manny:man we have got to do something or the kids will be getting worse.

Ellie:your right but where are we going to find the cure for their cold?

Sid:yeah we don't want to lose arrow-bow.

Wendy:and sidney.

Shira:and diana

Diego:and shane.

Manny&ellie:or peaches.

Madison:manny's right we have got to do something fast.

*crash & eddie appear*

Eddie:hey guys me and crash just found something pretty weird

Crash:and shiny come with us and you'll see.

the rest of the herd didn't hesistate they followed the possum brothers.

*the possum brothers showed the others what they found*

Manny:um..what is this ?

Crash:i think it's called....*reads label that says "time machine" a time machine.

Sid:time machine ? yaypee!!! what's a time machine ?

Diego:i have absolutly no clue.

Shira:me neither.

Madison:maybe it's the cure for the kids.

Ellie:your right let's go bring them.

*the females bring the children while the males stay behind figuring out what to do with the time machine*

Crash:you know it's kind of weird of why would a hard rock thingy called "a time machine" would be doing here in the first place i mean have you seen one of these things anywhere lately ?


Sid:hmm maybe it can lead us to our destiny! (speads his arms out)

Manny:sid the last thing we would need is destiny is with the dinosaurs!

Sid:oh sorry manny.

Diego:well whatever this piece of junk is good enough for , it better cure our kids.

Manny:i agree.

*the females return with the children*

Ellie:(carrying peaches with her trunk)
okay , crash,eddie let's do this and make the kids feel better.

Madison:(carrying arrow-bow on her back) wait do you even know how to work this thing ?



Wendy:(carrying sidney with her arms) great just great , the right time we have hope and now hope itself dosen't know how to work.

Shira:(carrying the twins-shane & diana on her back ) maybe if you press that circle thingy on top of the time machine maybe our kids will feel better.

Eddie:yeah ,your right (presses button)

*the time machine flashes a big light around the prehistoric animals and takes them to the present time*
back at wizville

*penny and her friends are outside talking until they hear a flashing and a hard thud*

Penny:guys do you hear that?

Dijonay:yeah... let's go see.

Lacianga:what for? it's proberly nothing.

Zoey:nothing! you heard that hard thud!? that's not a nothing it's a something.

Sticky:i can't believe i'm saying this but dijonay's right we should go check it out.

Penny:let's do it y'll.


*penny and the others leave leaving lacianga alone and relizing that she had no one to talk and decided to join their investagation*

Lacinga:guys wait for me!

*penny and her friends went over to the park where the prehistoric animals flash into*

Zoey:g-guys is it me or are we dreaming ?

Sticky:yo zo's right y'll from what i can see here are two hairy mammoths with there kid, two little possums,a flightless bird,two saber tooth tigers , their twin cubs and two sloths with their kids.

Dijonay:those cubs are kinda cute.

Lacianga:what are extient animals doing here in the first place?

Penny:i don't know but maybe ( sees peaches,diana,shane,arrow-bow and sidney who are sick) guys i think i know why there here the're kids are sick we gotta help them

*penny and her friends go to over to the ice age gang*

Penny:hey what's wrong with your kids ?

*the ice age group notice a human girl with tan skin,a mole on her left eyes,black hair with pigtails,wearing a white polo with a pink-reddish sweater a dark red violet skirt and red shoes communicating with them they also think that she was a threat to them however she wasn't she was being helpful and friendly*

Manny:uh yeah our kids are sick and-wait! you can understand me ?

Penny:yeah which is strange that i could understand you, all of you.

Crash:that's great weird but great.

Ellie:can you please help us ?

Penny:sure i can my mama's a veterianarian she'll make your kids feel better c'mon follow me.

*the ice age herd shrugged and followed penny followed by her friends*

Sid:what's a veterianarian ?

Penny:a veterianarian is a doctor that helps and cure animals.

Ellie:really ? so your mother can cure animals ?

Penny:yeah animals but i'm not sure how she would react to prehistoric animals.

Diego:whatever the chance may be this veterianarian will be our kids last hope and are you sure she will help our kids?

Penny:oh i'm sure.

Dijonay:don't worry y'll she's a professional.

Sticky:yeah there be better than you know it.

Zoey:there right they'll be cured in no time.

Manny:i hope your right.

*penny her friends and the ice age gang go over to the back of the veterianarian's door without being seen*

Sticky:few okay y'll you'll be safe in here for now.

Crash:what do you mean "for now".

Penny:(nervously) well um you guys aren't suppose to um you know exist in this time.

*the ice age gang eyes wided*

Elle:w-what do you mean ?

Lacianga:what she mean is that you gus are suppose to be extienct.

to be countinued.........