Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out, but I'm kinda busy through most of March and I just moved into a new house. Whatever here is the next chap, enjoy!


Akira looked out the window from the carriage, watching as leaves blew by carried by the wind. It had been two days since Almira visited and they were on they're way to the Phantomhive manor. she wore a black coat over her uniform and Annie was in her black dress which was lined with red. It was her favorite dress. Akira wasn't to fond of Vincent Phantomhive, he reminded her to much of her brother. She didn't like her brother much either. he was the favorite in her family and as such he was respected while she was thrown aside "Akira?" Akira took her eyes from the window and looked across the carriage to Annie.

"Yes?" Said Akira as she smiled the best she could. "You were spacing out, is something wrong?" Asked Annie. Akira shook her head, still smiling "No, I am fine my lady" She replied. Annie nodded then sighed while closing her eyes "The watchdog is quite bothersome. He is supposed to be the head detective so why should he need my help?" Asked Annie. Akira just kept smiling. They arrived at the Phantomhive manor a bit later and Akira stepped out of the carriage and held her hand out to Annie. Annie took her hand and gracefully stepped out of the carriage, her hair getting blown back and forth slowly from the breeze. The wind was blowing lightly and the sun was hidden by clouds.

Green leaves and small flowers blew past them and the garden's roses were blooming brightly, a beautiful blueish-white color painting the fragile petals. Vincent walked toward them with a smile on his face "Lady Annie! What a pleasure to see you again!" He said. Annie gave a small smile which looked more like a smirk and bowed slightly, "You as well, lord Vincent" she replied. Akira bowed while giving a small smile "It is an honor to be in your presence Earl Phantomhive" She Said, "Shall we head inside?" Asked Vincent. Annie nodded and they began walking inside the manor. They sat across from each other in the living room, a small table infront of them and both sitting in armchairs, Akira standing slightly behind Annie.

The smell of tea filled the room as Vincent's butler Tanaka brought in a tray with a teapot and two cups. He placed it on the table and poured the tea into the white and blue teacups before handing it to each of them. Annie sipped the tea and set it down on the table before looking at Vincent, her eyes showing how serious she was, "I understand our case is involving the death of children, but there is still information that you have I must hear before I can be useful in helping you solve this case, would you mind informing me on what you have gathered?" Asked Annie.

Vincent nodded while setting his tea down as well "Each victim has many cuts we see as unnecessary, bruises on they're wrists and ankles and a lot of blood loss. We are still investigating the scene" Said Vincent. Annie looked at him face clear of emotion then she looked down and chuckled

"Ah I see, so the watchdog has lost his ability to solve even this? The queen must be disappointed" She said. Vincent kept a smile on his face as she said this but Annie and Akira could both see the bit of sadness in his features, "Now, shall we go and look at the scene?" Asked Annie as she stood up and began walking toward the door "Yes of course" Replied Vincent as he stood and followed her. Akira smirked slightly then grabbed her coat and walked after them