The unofficial ending for the Random Anime RP. Inspired by an idea by Clutch. Written because goddamn I cannot stop thinking about this lately, and the lack of ending bothered me.
(Italics are actual parts of the end of the RP, just edited and formatted to fit a story.)

Jen laughed.

“And your daughters. Boys have a word for them… ‘Easy.’”

Brock argued, insisting on the idea that while many of his daughters may have been so, neither Ica, Zandra or Molly could be referred to in that way.

    “Dad's right! Those three aren’t those kind of women. Cristil and Clara are, and so is Cristy, but not them. They are to one man, whoever is to want them,” Brock Jr. chimed in.

    “Exactly. Molly fell for Hanzo, and would never go to another man. And A.K., Ica was still head over heels over you, even when she was just a spirit in that mark on your hand.”

Appalled, Ciel chose to weigh in.

    “It really sounds like you’re picking favorites, speaking of them that way.”

Continuing, Jen responded,

    “Please... Ica fell for A.K. quicker than a fangirl pisses herself at a Bieber concert.”

Shana muttered under her breath of the strangeness of such a comparison, while Brock continued to argue for the purity of what he believed was ‘Love at First Sight.’

    “It’s natural! A.K. was her first love. And in her case, he was better than being alone. To be truthful, I’d prefer her to be with A.K. than Team Aqua any day. And you, Jen, you were the first my eldest son fell in love with.”

    Jr. attempts to change the subject, adding in with how much he loves Jen, until they are interrupted by Aristel.

    “How in the hell did we get on this topic again?”

    “That kid ate a soul and Jen made a wisecrack,” Arekkusu informs her, taking a sip from his flask.


There’s a knock at the door, and he stops his story a moment to look back toward it. From behind it, a voice like Jemezu’s says,

    “Ma’am, your guests are here. Please come downstairs.”

He waits, and looks back again to the vanity. Sitting before it, there is a girl of about the age of 15. She is brushing her hair with a silver hairbrush, on it a worn image that resembles the old Phantomhive family crest. The girl sighs, placing the brush onto the table attached to the mirror.

    “Hm. I suppose I should get going, then.” She turns in her seat, looking at her head servant. “But, Ciel, when did you ever learn to tell such amazing stories?”

The corners of his mouth draw up into a grin, and he lets out a quiet, polite laugh.

    “Now, what kind of butler would I be, if I couldn’t even tell a story such as that?”

She hums in agreeance.

“But what I’m wondering, is why you used so many of you who work for me here. Did you lose inspiration that quickly?”

    “Of course not.”

    “You don’t have to lie.”

    “I would never.”

She stands to get dressed, and Ciel goes to wait outside the door for her.

    They make their way downstairs, passing many doors with nameplates. They read things like,

“Jemezu Kuratchi,” “Holo,” “Ai Enma,” “Arekkusu Mirattu,” “Alice Baskerville.”

In the hallway, they pass by Arekkusu as he scrambles to pick up a broken vase. Ciel pauses to look down at him.

    “… My team lost, okay? Don’t give me that look.”

    “The Mistress is on her way to meet with guests, you should be working.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” he mutters.

The Mistress steps into the living room, and smiles as she greets her guests.

    “Abyss, Kyle! Thank you so much for coming, it’s been too long since we have all been able to see you.”

Abyss smiles, pushing strands of her long white hair behind her ear.

    “Of course, we simply couldn’t wait much longer to see how you’ve grown.”

Ciel, who is standing by the doorway, gives a small smile over at Abyss and Kyle. They return the gesture, before they turn back to The Mistress.

    “We were thinking you may need our support,” Kyle says.

Her smile grows.
Ai, carrying cups of tea, walks over to the table between the guests and where the Mistress has sat, and sets them down. Kyle nods in thanks, and she goes to stand beside Ciel.

    “Thank you for taking me into consideration. And how long will you be staying?”

    “Not too long. See, we’ve got to get back to our lives back home soon,” he responds.

    “Of course! I do hope you will enjoy your stay.”