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izbia150 posted on Jan 27, 2012 at 04:35AM
I can't believe it! this is the longest and best RP i'v ever seen! we're on part 8!!! so anyone from part 1-7 is welcome back and if your new just talk to one of us! now let's start the RP!

in the abyss Vincent is laying on the ground, many chains surround him
chain 1:so he finally died *grins* I heard he's very powerful even after death, maybe I'll eat him
Vincent suddenly grabs chain 1 by the neck and starts choking him
Vincent:I'm afraid not,
chain 2:h-he's alive! run!!!
the chains start to run but then chains (the metal kind) shoot out of Vincents back and stab the chains
Vincent: you didn't get far did you? *smirks then stands up* well, time to visit some friends *disappears*

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over a year ago nidoqueen said…
brock jr:hay jemuzu play this one the one i played for jen is on it *uses psy to throw jemuzu a CD* i think this is are song jen if you remimber the one i played for you
star:*watching jr and jen* so cute i wish brock could this
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Q: (Appears) No (leaves)
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
brock:come on i didn't even get to tell you i just need help getting back to my world so i can get things ready for jr's and jen's wedding and if you do help you'll be invited to it
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
(may i bring in one of jr's siblings now)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(fine with me)
Vincent appears behind echo and wraps his arms around her
Vincent:hello echo
echo:*eyes widen*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(I gtg, I'll be back in about 1-3 hours, hopfully less)
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
*a young girl with red hair and wings walks up to brock*
girl:dad i knew i herd your voice
brock:*looks around then his jaw dropped* molly how in the world did you get here
molly:*shrugs* i don't know all i know is i flew up to take a nap in a tree then i woke up be side a castle and at the sound of your voice
brock:wow just about how me and your mother got here but gess what
molly:what is it dad
brock:your brother jr is going to be getting married soon
molly:what!?! big bro!?! where is he and to who
brock:go on ahead and talk to him he is in side dancing with her
molly:*runs in to find him* bro hay big bro where are you
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*a young girl with red hair and wings walks up to brock*
<br />
girl:dad i knew i herd your voice
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
star:*sees molly gets up and runs over to her* molly my baby girl how in the world
molly:mom *gives star a hug*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(I'm back)
abyss:*stops dancing* I knew you'd be back soon, you here to punish echo?
Vincent:of course not, I just wanted to see her *smiles* she is my precious echo after all
abyss:*smiles* good
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
molly:hay mom where's bro
star:*points at jr* over there with jen
molly:ok so that's her name ok thank you mom *runs over to jr*
over a year ago Harpaw8 said…
Sabrina sits in a tree watching Abyss and Vincent
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
(wow! Part 8! Srry I was long!! Family crisis >_> anyway's, I'm Back! (\^_^)/ *hug* \(^_^/) lol XD)
*Sora, Shion and Degel Are sitting Down planning for A investigation on Souske Aizen.....*
Degel: from what You know Sora, I think we will be able to FINNALY defeat that shrimp!
Sora: *sigh* Deg, I kn- *Sayo walks in*
Sayo: Onee-Sama, what's the matter? *rubs eyes*
Sora: *smiles* Sayo good morning *picks up Sayo and holds her* how did you sleep?
Sayo: I had a dream about you Onee
Sora: is it good or bad?
Sayo: creepy
Sora: spit over your shoulder and don't speak about it, you know the drill
Sayo: *nods and obey's* I'm going to go get ready
Sora: *sets Sayo down and Sayo leaves* now where were we?
over a year ago izbia150 said…
isabella:*walks in* onee, you said you wanted to talk to me, do you still need to tell me or no?
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: oh yes! *embarrassed* sorry dear, yes, *hands silver wrapped box* it's a little Somthing for just being there for me when I need you *smiles* I hope you like it!
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Kyle: Vincent... Echo belongs to no one but herself.
Jemuzu:(looks at Ai) Vincent, You know anybody named Vincent?
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
*Isabella open's the gift to find a Solid Gold hair pin with seven emeralds*
Sora: *smiles* I got it when I went to Persia the man who made it is a good friend of mine
Degel: it suits you Isa!
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
(Jen's a work in progress)
(Jen's a work in progress)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
Isabella:thank you onee! *puts it in hair*
Vincent:*smirks* so it's the little angel boy, you clearly don't know I'm only saying it as in she is very important to me, I call gilbert my precious onii-sama but that doesn't mean he belongs to me
abyss:(to jemuzu) his name is Vincent nightray, he is the leader of pandora and the one who killed me and alice
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
brock:i just ask that one thing of you and i'd be one last thing you'll have to worry about when it comes to that test you was talking about
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(I'm at a friends house so I won't be on as much so I might have late replies)
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
Sora: you are so welcome my little tenshi! Okay boys this meeting has ended! *smiles* come on Isa let's go see if the girls want to go to that Persian restaurant and eat!
Shion and Degel: *puppy dog eyes*
Sora: yes you guys can come to *sighs*
Shion and Degel: YAY!!
*Isabella Sora Degel and Shion heads upstairs to get the girls*

(sougoi! Clutch-San! You are very talented! =^^=)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(nice drawing!)
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
(Arigato Izbia, and Haremaster... All I need is some color now.)
(Arigato Izbia, and Haremaster... All I need is some color now.)
over a year ago haremaster99 said…
(np! And please call me by my name ^_^ ive posted some of my drawings on my family club but.....they are kinda like....shrimp compared to your XD)
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(awesome XD)