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Clutch13 posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 09:00PM
Arekkusu K. follows Kyle, Alice, and Abyss. Suddenly he's stopped by some kind of invisible wall.
Voice: We seek to educate both of your species...
Arekkusu K.: What the hell? I go to school for that... Who are you!?!
Voice: In time Arekkusu Kuratchi...
Arekkusu K.: Well... At least show yourself!
Voice: Soon... Come now, we're already behind schedule.
Arekkusu K. and Ica dissapear in a ring of light.
(my choice for the opening song. Hope ya's like Finger 11)

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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Madison: what the hell...?
Yakusoku: stop it!
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
The bubble starts to engulf Madison's head and the water raises ever closer to her mouth.
Ermac drops Yakusoku and holds out his hand at Lily. Suddenly one of her arms is ripped from her body.
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Lily falls to the ground. Yakusoku runs to her.
Yakusoku: Lily!
Lily: i-i told you to run, Promise... i told you to leave this place... i told you to never turn back no matter what happens...
Yakusoku: i can't do that...
Lily: why...?
Yakusoku: because i am your savior. *stands up and looks at Ermac* damn you... damn all of you! can't we have one simple moment of happiness?! you take everything away, then when were down, you step on us more... it ends now!
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
tearel:*trying to get free* what's the big idia
brock jr:well my brother is getting what he diservs *smiles* and by the sound of it mom told them *chucles* let's go see what hanzo's reaction was
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
big smile
star:i'm so happy for both of you
molly:*eyes widen* uh i'll be right back *runs out side again*
star:i know what thay are to
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
brock jr:and there she goes again
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Ermac: You can experience happiness in death... Whatever heaven you believe in.
suddenly Jemuzu appears infront of Ermac, grabs him by the throat and headbutts him. Ermac staggers back.
Jemuzu: I'm the kind of guy that believes heaven has a place on Earth.
Ermac: The Earth belongs to Lord Shinnok.
Jemuzu: In that case, your @$$ is mine. (teleports behind Ermac and kicks him to the ground. but Ermac quickly gets back up.
The water encompasses Madison's head.

Arekkusu: Kicking your f*ckin' @$$!!! That's my idea!!!

(In Outworld)
Shinnok: Quan Chi... Take out their reinforcements before they get there.
Quan Chi: Where should I start?
Shinnok: I'll leave that up to you.
Quan Chi:*smirks* I see... You won't have to worry about Hanzo Hasashi anymore then.
Shinnok: So predictible... Very good... See to it.
Quan Chi: Yes Lord Shinnok. (exits)

over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Lily grabs Yakusoku's hand and smiles at him.
Lily: you... are the chosen one... you are the savior... thank you... even if it was short... i had a pleasant life with you, Promise...
Lily closes her eyes and her hand falls off of Yakusoku's arm. his eyes widen just as a black shadow goes from Madison to him. Madison and Lily both fade to dust and blow away.
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Ermac gives Jemuzu a round house kick that spins him 360 when Ermac throws a green burst of energy at Jemuzu and it knocks him down. Jemuzu leaps back to his feet ready to strike back but standing before him is Rain.
Jemuzu: Huh?
Rain throws an uppercut that sends Jemuzu flying and Ermac raises his hand and a green glow appears around him. Ermac drops his hand and Jemuzu bounces off the ground like a rag doll.

Quan Chi appears behind Molly.
Quan Chi: Hello Hanzo.
Scorpion: You!
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
tearel:rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *kicks a.k off* idit
molly:*quickly runs over to hanzo then turns to look at quan chi* who are you *lets out an angrey bird like screetch and her eyes go black*
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over a year ago nidoqueen said…
star:*quickly stands up*
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Arekkusu K.: What hasn't this @$$hole done!?! (teleports behind Tearel and puts him in a rear naked choke.)

Quan Chi: Really now Hanzo... How wonderful. (gets out a knife ready to stab Molly but Scorpion grabs his arm and punches him in the jaw.) It's such a pleasure that I get to kill your clan not once but twice.

Scorpion: I'll kill you sorcerer! *throws a ball of fire at Quan Chi who throws a green skull back to block it.

Quan Chi: The elder of the Shirai Ryu... It's amazing how weak you are.
Scorpion: rrrrrrRRRRR AHHHH! (Charges at Quan Chi and they begin to fight)
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
molly:*in her mind* so this is the one who did that to my hanzo long time agao rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *gets out a red and white ball* moltres help hanzo
moltres:*comes out and lets out a screetch*
star:*eyes glow red* no one and i mean no one tries to hurt my doter and gets away with it *turns into flamerexand runs over to help*
over a year ago izbia150 said…
(Sorry i wasn't on, me and my friend were busy burning our marshmallow Phantomhive manor along with a little marshmallow town :3 I'm the one with the burning paper)
over a year ago KiddRoxas said…
Cloud:looks suspisiosly around )(thinks there here)lets get to hanzos village fast
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
yakusoku moves his arrm and everything is engulfed in flames. he looks at ermac in hatred.
Yakusoku: you'll pay for what you've done...
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
zandra:*nods and used bolt tackel to fly faster then a bolt of lighting to get to hanzo's village and in psy* hang on tight *in her mind* i sense molly's anger but i also sense something elts
molly:molytres do what ever hanzo tells you to ok i'll be right back *runs off*
tearel:*elbos a.k and his wings brakes free from the ropes*
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
(Fire!!! Muahahahaha!!! Awesome!)
Ermac and Rain proceed to kick a downed Jemuzu.

Quan Chi kicks Scorpion through the wall to the outside, and walks through the hole Scorpion's body made.
Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!
Quan Chi catches the chained rope and yanks Scorpion to the ground. He quickly jumps on Scorpion's back and starts using the kunai chain to choke Scorpion. Gasping for air, Scorpion notices the spear tip dangling. He grabs it and stabs Quan Chi right through his hand. Quickly, Quan Chi releases the chain and Scorpion does a teleport punch that sends Quan Chi staggering back. He pulls on the chain dragging Quan Chi in to a swift combo of kicks that puts him on the ground, but Quan Chi quickly rolls to his feet and connects with one of his flying green skulls.
Scorpion: GAH! *his chest smoldering)
Quan Chi pulls the spear out of his hand and tosses it at Scorpion's head.
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Arekkusu K.: GRRRAAAHHH!!!!!! (jumps on Tearel's back and starts punching the side of his head.)
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over a year ago nidoqueen said…
moltres:*knocks spear out of the way and in psy* i'm not going to let you distroy my master's happyness
star:and i'm not going to let you hurt hanzo or my doter
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
tearel:*unsheth the bird blade and hit a.k in the with the hilt*
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Quan Chi: I'd hardly call this a fair fight... I thought the Shirai Ryu would have more honor than this. *chuckles and Scorpion scowls, clenching his teeth* No matter... I have a friend of my own. (a fiery portal opens and a boy looking the age of 16 walks out of the portal.) The saying is true apparantly... (the boy removes his mask) Apples never do fall far from the tree.
Scorpion:(eyes widen) Jubei...

Quan Chi: I'd hardly call this a fair fight... I thought the Shirai Ryu would have more honor than th
over a year ago nidoqueen said…
star:*eyes widen*
molly:*comes back and eyes widen to as well* h-hanzo i-is that
star:*in her mind* there's got to be away around this
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Scorpion: Yes Molly... That is my son.
Quan Chi: Not anymore...
Jubei:*To Scorpion* It's your fault. Why did you leave us father? Mother and I... Why didn't you protect us? Was the Shogun so important? What about your family?
Scorpion: Jubei, no, you don't understand.
Jubei:*looks at Molly* No... I understand perfectly... Your new family is more important.
Quan Chi: He always had the mind of a child *smirks*
Scorpion: What did you do to him sorcerer!?!
Quan Chi: Only revealed how his father betrayed him in the after life.
Jubei: You could've saved our souls father... Mother's, mine, even yours... But you chose revenge... Why father? Why?
Scorpion:*falls to his knees* No... *tears start to welt in his eyes* Jubei... I'm...
Quan Chi: It's far too late for appologies General Hasashi.
Jubei: You let mother and I suffer... Why father?
Scorpion: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
black wings appear on Yakusoku's back and he quickly flies towards Rain and Ermac. he holds them aga9nst the wall of a burning building.
Yakusoku: *laughs* i don't believe in second chances... not for scum like you two, anyway... do you want to feel the burning flames of Hell? because i won't hesitate in throwing you in the flames and sending you there...
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Rain and Ermac look at each other and kick Yakusoku in the gut sending him back a bit. Rain creates a blade of hard pulsing water with his hand and starts to swing downwards at Yakusoku until a bullet hits him in the head spreading his brain across the wall. Ermac takes his eyes off Yakusoku and looks over to see Jemuzu with a bloody smile holding a smoking desert eagle...
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
(sorry but i have to XD)
(sorry but i have to XD)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku: 8smriks and looks down* failure... isn't an option... that's what he said to you, isn't it? it's what's on your mind now... you cannot fail, if you do you disobey your master... but do you really want a master? or do you want to be free? you could be free, you know... just stand down and never listen to whoever told you to do this... it'll be worth being free...
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Ermac: We... Cannot be free. We are one under Lord Shinnok... Without order there is chaos... You are chaos... Lord Shinnok is order.
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku: is that what he told you? killing people isn't order... especially killing Lily... all she had wanted was to fulfill her dream... you took that away from her... i'm sure you have dreams... how would you feel if you were trying to complete them and then you are killed because someone calls them self "Order." how would you feel?
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu:*catching his breath* Yakusoku... It's not him... He's not even an individual... You're talking to hundreds of souls...
Ermac: We... are Ermac.
Jemuzu: That's why I sense so many emotions and voices from him... It's as if someone took all those souls and stuffed it inside this body... Some good, some bad. Without those orders... He's in complete anarchy.
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku: i don't care... *stands up and keeps his head down* the point is he... they... killed Lily. that sin is greater than my own, and it cannot be forgiven... i will end them. anyone who hurts my friends never lives... that's a promise.
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu:(lowers his head) Not all of them wanted to Yakusoku...
Ermac quickly raises his hand Jemuzu's neck starts to twist.
Jemuzu:*drops his gun and holds his head* GAAAH!!!
Ermac: Failure is not an option... We will complete our task.
Jemuzu's neck starts to crack.
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over a year ago Clutch13 said…
(Gonna cook myself some dinner. I'll brb.)
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku's eyes widen and the anger in his eyes burns brighter.
Yakusoku: *yells* no more!!! *does a flying tackle to Ermac*
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu:(holds his neck) Jared! King Jared!
Ermac's eyes widen.
over a year ago KiddRoxas said…
(they arrive at the village cloud gets off looks back behind him)cloud:i hope we lost them(100 black coated men stand far behind them )figure:when i signal we attack

figure two:they take siax,s aand the others lives we shall take theres

xenmmas:in time we will have our revenge when they become vurnlable(misspelled)we will destroy them but theres somthing going on just wait till there weak

figure:yes master.. (mickey shows up at manor)mickey:roxas roxas

roxas:ya wats up

mickey:no time they dissapear
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku: *stops* Jared...? who the hell is that?!
over a year ago KiddRoxas said…
(they arrive) roxas:cloud cloud:what
mickey:there coming alot of them

cloud:wait(flashback)you mean the one that attack me and i killed
mickey:yes and many more

figure:lord xenmmas mickey is there
xenmmas:no difference (worried look)

roxas:wait my way finder(takes out teleports)(ventus terra n aqua walk outside a bulding roxas shows up they flash away ) terra:why the hell did you do that

over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu: Jared... King of Edenia... Killed by Shao Kahn during Outworld's invasion... Your daughter Jared... Kitana lives.
Ermac: Kit...ana.
Jemuzu: She lives Jared.
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku scowls at Jemuzu then flies off.
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu: Jared! Listen to me... You can overcome the voices!
Ermac: I... We... Are....
Jemuzu: No... No Ermac! Jared!
Ermac: Tell Kitana... We... I... love her.
Jemuzu: Jared wait! Don't!
over a year ago KiddRoxas said…
Xenmmas:now(they all walk out of trees)figure one:are you ready (cloud looks back)cloud:holy shit guys... we got company

(susposed to look something like this lol) mickey:there hear xenmmas:(stalls for 10 seconds)attack!(they all charge)
Xenmmas:now(they all walk out of trees)figure one:are you ready (cloud looks back)cloud:holy shit guy
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
as Yakusoku flies, tears stream down his face.
Yakusoku: it's not their fault... i know it's not... it's mine... Lily's one wish and dream... was shattered by me... yet she still called me Promise and Savior... i took her dream away from her... but she was still so happy... i know now that it was only a cover up... i know that now... she was never truly happy with me... *lands on a roof of one of the buildings* how can i live with myself? i can't... i desire to see her again so badly! this life holds nothing for me anymore... nothing...
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu falls to his knees...
Jemuzu: Damn... (senses something and his eyes widen) Yakusoku!
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku walks over to the edge of the roof, ready to jump.
Yakusoku: if this is what i have truly become... a sinner who takes and destroys dreams... then i don't want to live... i would rather die!
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu spots Yakusoku on top of the building.
Jemuzu: Yakusoku!!!
over a year ago KiddRoxas said…
(my charactors all begin to battle)(cloud:zandra get out of here! (grabs roxas,s wayfinder throws it at her and she flashes away to a different demension)(he turns and gets a sowrd rite through the chest and keeps fighting)mickey:theres too many roxas:i know
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
Yakusoku: *sings* la, lalalala... happy life... la lalalala... were going flying... la lalalala... take me too... *jumps off*
over a year ago Clutch13 said…
Jemuzu teleports, grabs Yakusoku and teleports back to Ai in the manor.
Jemuzu: Yakusoku... (holds Yakusoku tight) It's not your fault... It wasn't your fault... *starts tearing up*