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say good bye as we dance with the devil tonight

Beyond Birthday~ This is Halloween

Don't it fit our characters

death note-hero

mortal kombat legacy 2 episode 8

mortal kombat legacy 2 episode 7

nerd vs scorpion

concrete angel

Death Note - I Need A Doctor

Coming soon... FINALLY

Jemuzu I mean Cena vs The Rock in one of the WWE's best matches EVER!!!

skater boy-bleach

Get Over It!

how am i sapose live without you

how do i live without you

how do i live without you

real mortal kombat: kleaning 4 kahn

Jemuzu's ranger unit battles N. Korean special ops.

Vampires VS Zombies *read description*

Cena vs Kane kinda = Jemuzu vs Dakuaisu

mk bloopers

mk a&q II

Another Jemuzu (I mean Cena) Story

Devil May Cry Episode 1

Cowboy Bebop Episode 1

Deadman Wonderland Amv Final - Asylum

Deadman Wonderland Ep. 1

Afro Samurai ep. 1

Night Raid 1931 ep. 0

Blue Gender ep. 1

tenchi muyo epis 2 part 2

tenchi muyo epis 2 part 1

tenchi muyo epis 1 part 3

tenchi muyo episode 1 part 2

tenchi muyo.

making hanzo and ice butt

best Spice and Wolf moments

Best Blassreiter scene

mortal kombat rivalry blackout


mk dancing #2

mk danceing

reil mortal kombat: mk Q & A

Happy memorial day from Jemuzu.

real mortal kombat:ice butt's room (lol)


Jemuzu's toughest fight ever... For realz

Sub Zero Tribute vid

Scorpion tribute vid

time of dying mk

for the ppl in this club that likes sonic

anime mix:you spin me right round

I should really post something different... yeah...

lol good fight funny 3rd part XD

Another Jemuzu fight

How Jemuzu tells someone to shut up... maybe.

Mortal Kombat Legacy

Clouds life

mortal kombat full move.

Golgo13 episode 6

Awesome entrances for Cena's *cough* Jemuzu's match with Triple H.

Mortal Kombat Rap

you guys....need to hear this XDD

Fatalities of Mortal Kombat

Yet another Jemuzu fight XD

change the world inuyasha.

Something Jemuzu would do XD


Highlights from John Cena's *cough I mean Jemuzu's XD most recent match

Blassreiter episode 24 - Promised Land

Blassreiter episode 23 - Scorched Earth

Blassreiter episode 22 - Drifting Hearts

Blassreiter episode 21 - Phantom Rider

Blassreiter episode 20 - Legion from the Netherworld

Blassreiter episode 19 - Quondam Affections

Blassreiter episode 18 - The Fourth Apocalypse

Blassreiter episode 17 - Bellow of the Beast

Blassreiter episode 16 - Reunion

Blassreiter episode 15 - Millenary Knights of God

Blassreiter episode 14 - A saintly Decision

Blassreter episode 13 - Distant Memories

Blassreiter episode 12 - Judgement Day

Blassreiter episode 11 - Prelude to Apocalypse

Blassreiter episode 10 - Inside the conspiracy

Blassreiter episode 9 - The price and meaning of power

Blassreiter episode 8 - Weak no longer

Blassreiter episode 7 - At the ends of hatred

Blassreiter episdoe 6 - The song that pities the demon

Blassreiter episode 5 - Scorn

Blassreiter episode 4 - Under Seige

Blassreiter episode 3 - the Infection Spreads

Blassreiter episode 2 - The Price of Glory

BlassReiter epsiode 1 - Prelude to Despair

Blassreiter - Dance with the devil

Anime is the Remedy

Blassreiter - Where Dragons Rule

Blassreiter - New Divide

MIKU disappears from youtube. 【Save Miku (Vocaloid) Campaign】

upon a request, drawing lesson 1

A Mortal Kombat Story Parts 5-8