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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Videos

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Comic Con Promo for Fox's 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

Fox's 2016 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Trailer

Sweet Transvestite

Planet Schmanet Janet

Bed Scene; Brad

Bed Scene; Janet

Dr Frank N Furter and Janet

The Time Warp - Show of Hands, Episode 2

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Science Fiction Double Feature Cover

Dr. Frankenfurter--Naughty Boy

Rocky~take it off

Patricia Quinn and Richard O'Brien: Forever

Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn

Nell and Patricia


The Moon Drenched Shores of Transylvania Song

Super Heroes

Frankie Tribute :D

Pussycat dolls

Riff Raff and Magenta- Pussycat dolls


Rocky Horror- Kelly Clarkson

RHPS music video

(To be cruel)

Don't stop me now

By Robots in disguise

The Rascals

Music video

Time warp remix

Rock Horror picture show video

Papa Roach tribute

Rocky Horror Mv

Riff Raff and Magenta

City of wonder

At the opera tonight

Love market

Sweet Transvestite- Original 1973 London Cast of TheRocky Horror Show

Science Fiction Double Feature 1973 Original London Cast

riff raff and magenta " magenta shut up'

Rocky Horror Picture Show - I Can Make You A Man!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Hot Patootie

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Touch a Touch a me

Rocky Horror - Dammit Janet

The Time Warp!

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite

Rocky Horror - Sweet Transvestite

Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary 1990

"Time Warp" - Richard O'Brien on Spicks& Specks

Richard O'Brien does The Time Warp

Richard O'Brien Sings Science Fiction/Double Feature

Richard O'Brien Night Flight Rocky Horror 10th Anniversary

1997 Rocky Horror Show Live

Amber Benson Sings "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" and Anthony Stewart Head Sings "Wise Up, Janet Weiss"

Deleted Song: "Once In A While"

Angry the sock puppet does "Time Warp"