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Article by idilahmed12 posted over a year ago
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One long day ago the ppg were in pokey Oaks high school.

Blossom POV

I was in science class looking at the clock, the day was going on forever! I looked at buttercup who was fast asleep snoring loud. She's so immature. I turned and looked at bubbles who wast writing on a post it note. I leaned forward to see what she was writing. She was writing a note to me. She handed it to me and I read it. I handed it back to bubbles until...... "BLOSSOM!" Ms.forscewriter yelled. "ARE YOU PASSING NOT IN CLASS?!" I gulped. Um .....no...I mean yes...I mean no! The bell rang I was relieved.

As we were getting out Ms.forscewriter called me to talk to her. Blossom what was going on back there?" Ms.forscewriter asked. "Well bubbles handed a note to me and so I read it and and." "Blossom I understand but no more note writing understand?" Um ...yes ..mam. I said nervously. I left the classroom and went to my locker. Until I heard a voice. It was brick.
Opinion by Buttercupgonzal posted over a year ago
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The rrb are the best.im in
love with butch oh im buttercup.
Me and my sister's love them.
Blossom and brick
Bubbles and boomer
Buttercup and butch.
I think you got the idea.
Fan fiction by pinkblossom2 posted over a year ago
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ppg and rrb bad year
teacher: ok class today we have three new students boys come in
ppg * thinking its the rrb*
other girls: the blue one is cute and the red one i think the green one is cool
teacher: boys say your names plz
brick: my name is brick
boomer: im boomer
butch : yo the names butch
teacher ok boys take your seats
the boys: were?
teacher : how about next to the powerpuffgirls
boys : *sigh* yes teacher
the girls gasp but teacher these are the rowdyruff boys
teacher: be nice girls and sit down
girls: yes teacher
the girls was thinking
blossom: this is the gang green gang all over again
bubbles: oh no :(
buttercup : this is going to be a long year
Fan fiction by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Brick: god, i'm gonna feel this in the morning.
SB: stupid teletubbies.
Butch: -wakes up- what happened?
Fireball: i just got acorned.
Brick: where the hell is Boomer?! i'll kick his ass for not helping me!
Boomer: right here.
Boomer: :(
the next day at school...
Ms. Keane: lunch time, children!
SB: Ms. Keane, we need to be excused
Ms. Keane: restroom?
SB: no, we need to go out and look for all the Boomer clones.
Ms. Keane: -laughs-
SB: Ms. Keane, this is serious
Ms. Keane: -laughs- you kids are so funny, and so cute.
SB: this is serious.
Ms. Keane: you can play defeat the clones at recess at recess
SB: But-
Ms. Keane: no buts
SB: DAMMIT! -walks away-
Ms. Keane: Language!
Brick: what'd she say?
SB: she doesn't even believe us.
Brick: oh.
At recess...
SB: Ms. Keane is right, we need to focus on school right now. she did tell us we can play defeat the clones at recess though. THAT'S IT! WE CAN DESTROY THE CLONES RIGHT NOW!!!
Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Somewhere in the woods...

SB: okay, my Boomer clone detector detects Boomer in these woods.
Brick: so what now?
SB: spread and search!
Brick: say what?
SB: you heard me.
Brick: ugh.
SB: here, take these walkie-talkies.
Brick: okk.....
Boomer: yay! :D
Somewhere in the woods...with Brick....
Brick: alright ya stupid clones, come out!
-rustling in the bushes-
Brick: huh?
-squirrel comes out-
Brick: oh, heh heh.
-Boomers come out from the trees with sticks and acorns-
Brick: hi guys! it's nice to see you!
Clones: .............
Brick: wanna hang out?....
Clone: .................GET THAT MOTHERF*CKER!
Brick: oh god.
-Boomers attack him-
Brick: -screams like a girl-
Somewhere in the woods...with SB
SB: all right you clones, i have a weapon.. and i'm not afraid to use it. -narrows eyes-
-rustling in the bushes-
SB: must be a squirrel. :) -floats toward bush- come out little squirrel, i won't hurt you.
Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Fireball: WTF IS GOING ON???!!!

(100 Boomers invading the place)
Boomer: well, if you guys need me, i'll be playing some games. -leaves-
Fireball: -squeezes through Boomer and falls on the ground- WTF IS GOING ON???!!!
SB: we can explain. :D
Butch: what're you doing here anyway?
Fireball: i was just playing games when suddenly... BOOM! these Boomers came outta nowhere! and so i hopped on a table. and then i said "no, i can make it" so i jumped into lake Boomer and swam, and now i'm here. :D
Brick, Butch, SB: ok.............................
Fireball: yeah, i know, weird huh?
Meanwhile with Boomer....
Boomer: cool, free pizza!
Back to the Rowdyruffs and Fireball...
SB: wait, where's Boomer? oh yeah, he went play games.
Butch: yeah, but the bad thing is there are a bunch of clones that look like him.
Brick, Butch, SB, Fireball: ..........................
Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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1 month later...
SB: let's go.
Boomer: we need help.
SB: let's ask those boys in that club over there.
Boys: -are making goo goo eyes at them-
SB: excuse us but have you any bug-eyed blond boys lately? that look like him? -points at Boomer-
Random Boy: haven't seen them cutie.
SB: wtf?
Boomer: did he just call us-
Random Boy: you two free tonight?
SB: seriously, you okay?
Boomer: i'm scared.
SB: wait a minute this... THIS IS A CLUB FOR LESBIAN BOYS!!!
Boomer: O_O
SB: heh heh. RUN BITCH RUN!!!
SB and Boomer: -run out of there-
Boys: -chase them-
SB: ehh, i feel lazy. THEY'RE GAINING ON US!
Random Boy: GO OUT WITH ME!
Random Boy: MARRY ME!
SB: don't worry Boomer, i'll save us! >:D -gets out saber- ABRACAPINGAS! -throws saber at lesbian boys-
Article by ppgFireball posted over a year ago
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Narrator: The City of Townsville! where it is a pleasant afternoon!

Boomer: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored. what to do. cool! what's that?!
Random Guy: a clone maker.
Boomer: how many does it make?
Random Guy: as many as you want.
Boomer: how much does it cost? (whispers) please don't let it be OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: OVER 9000 dollars.
Random Guy: *laughs* i'm just messing with ya. it's free.
Boomer: you can't be serious.
Random Guy: i'm serious. today i'm gonna be generous. so you weird bug-eyed kid, do you want it?
Boomer: *nods*
Random Guy: it's all yours.
Random Guy: O_O. maybe he's an alien.
Boomer: *flies away*
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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Well then..... Let's continue :P

Blossom: Um...Brick,I was wondering if you could-
Brick: Ew! Absolutly no!!!!!!
Butch: -whispers to Boomer- His acting better then I thought he would
Boomer: -whispers back- Does he realize it's art time and his blocking the crayons O_O

At recess...............

Blossom: -walks up to Brick-
Brick: Shut up Butch.............
Blossom: -taps on Bricks shoulder- Uhh...Brick,could we talk?
Brick: O.O I guess....
Butch: Me and Boomer will go,have fun you too -laughs and smirks-

To be continued..................
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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(Sorry I haven't done a lot of stories,I've been lazy)

The next day...

Brick:I'll never be the same D:
Butch:Dude calm down,you have to forget sooner or later
Boomer:Ya dude
Butch:But intill then...Blossom likes you,Blossom likes you!
Brick:Shut up! She does not!!

Just the Mojo walks in...

Mojo:Sorry to tell you boys at the last minute,but I have enrolled you in school
Bommer:What?!?! O.O
Mojo:So go run on boys,you better get going to school.

The boys go to school not knowing who they would meet...

Ms.Keane:Hello students,today we have 3 new students,come in boys and introduce yourselves
Brick:Um i'm Brick
Butch:Sup i'm Butch
Boomer:I'm Boomer!
Ms.Keane:Boys seat by the PPGs

The boys are shocked and walk to their seats...

Blossom:Hi Brick! :D
Brick:-mutters- Hi Blossom.....
Butch:-whispers to Boomer- Oh how cute,Brick and Blossom are talking
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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The Powerpuff Girls & the Rowdyruff Boys have just finished fighting.

Bommer: I can't believe we lost again!
Butch;Since when do we ever win?
Brick:Im gonna go to the park...


Blossom is at the park on the bench reading a book.

Brcik:Dumb Powerpuff Girls always have to win,-kicks a soda can-
Blossom:-says surpised-Hi Brick
Brick:Oh great..
Blossom:Come sit with me :)
Brick sits down by Blossom

Brick:What do you want. Blossom:To talk..... Brick:Uhhh
Blossom:So,what's up Brick? -Blossom smiles- Brick:Um nothing......
-Blossom is about to kiss Brick-
Brick:Eww!!! Cooties!!!! -flys home fast-
Blossom:That didn't go as plan :/
Opinion by heeeeeeeeeeeey posted over a year ago
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professor:girls you have one more change to get the rrbs
blossom: what is it
professor: thease are anklets you put them on the boys ankels and they lose thier powers when they come off the powers come back ok?
blossom: ok lets go girls

*all fly off to find the rrbs*

blossom: hello boys ready 4 a fight
brick: woah ur not gonna kiss us again r u?
boomer: *pukes*
bubbles: no worries and someone get boomer a mint!
buttercup: c`mon girls

*snaps on the anklets and police car comes boomer crys butch trys to run away brick spazes*

2 years later...

professor: happy birthday girls! and for a preasent i have a suprise im getting you ... brothers how does that sound!
buttercup:where are u adopting them?
professor: juby im adopting the rrbs

to be continued
Review by heeeeeeeeeeeey posted over a year ago
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brick: man beatin up people 4 fun is really fun!
boomer: yeah beatin up people 4 fun is really fun!
brick:boomer thats the dumbest you have said all day
boomer: well you said the same thing!
brick: well it sounds cool coming out of my mouth now go get us some candy
butch: yeah and make shure u steal it,man can u belive he is our brother
brick:yeah...man beatin people for fun is really fun!

scean 2

boomer: i dont care what they say im not as dumb as i look
boy:i just spent all of my allowence to buy this candy
boomer:*steals the candy* heh heh
blossom: you called
boomer what are you gonna do beat me up?
ppgs: *beats him up*

to be continued...
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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Manwhile with the PowerPunks and the PowerPuffs...

Brat:And thats what happened
Brute:Im getting tired of staying here
Berserk:Ya let go rob a bank
(PowerPunks go to rob a bank)
Bubbles:I don't think there super heros...

Meanwhile with the RowdyRuffs & the RowdyRights...

Butch:That sounds like a bunch of -
Breaker:Watch your mouth
Butch:Why don't you make me!
Brick:-sees PowerPunks robbing a bank and thinks there the PowerPuffs-wow the puffs gone bad
Butch:Buttercup looks kinda-
Boomer:And Bubbles looks kind of-
Brick:Lets go help them be EVIL!
-the RowdyRuff Boys fly over to the PowerPunk Girls still thinkig there the puffs-
Brick:So you finally decided to go bad?
Boomer:Never thought I would see the day
Butch:-mutters-I think they went bad for us
Brat:Decided to go bad?
Brute:Never see the day?
Berserk:Who do you think we are?!?!
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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(So the Powerpuff Girls and the RowdyRuff Boys are now 16 and in high school and are now dating)
Brick:So Bloss you going to the dance tonight?
(Buttercup and Butch walk in)
Buttercup:Hey Brickleberry
Butch:Hey Blossoy

Brick:Didn't I tell you to stop calling me Brickleberry?
Blossom:Didn't I tell you to stop calling me Blossy?
Buttercup:Aww come on those are you nick names
Butch:Ya dude

(Bell rings)

Blossom:We better get going to class

(All walk to class and sit down in seat)

Boomer:Hey Butterscotch
Bubbles:Hey Butcharo
Butch:-thinks-why does she keep callin me Butcharo

Teacher:Ok class we have about 6 new students
so theres gonna be 13 of us now
Brick:-she talks to much-
Teacher:Ok class say hi to Blake,Bash,Breaker,Bersek,Brat & Brute
Brat:well well well,if it isn't the PowerPuffs
Opinion by XxPowerPuffxX posted over a year ago
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Bersek:Brat clean the smudge you mad on the mirror
Brat:-cleans the smudge on mirror-
Berserk:It's still there!
Brute:Oh ill clean it -cleans really hard-

Berserk:Were are we???
Brat:Brute what did you do?!?!
Brute:Uhh....clean the mirror

Meanwhile in the Powerpunks room.....

Blake:-looks in Powerpunk's window-i don't see them
Bash:Maybe they got tired of always beating us up
Breaker:Let's check their room

(Rowdyright boys go in Powerpunk's room)

Breaker:-stares at their mirror-what an odd mirror
(Rowdyright boys get sucked in it)

Breaker:Were are we
Blake:I think were in a parallel universe
Bash:I think your right
Breaker:Im scared :(

Meanwhile with the Powerpunk girls...

-the powerpuff girls walk in to see 3 girls that almost look like them-
Blossom:Ummm hi im Blossom this our my sisters Bubbles & Buttercup
Fan fiction by Meamagirl77 posted over a year ago
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Boomer: butch stop riding the pony you rode it yesterday
Butch: but its so cute!
Boomer: SHUT UP!
Butch: YOU SHUT UP!!!!
Brick: stop bickering barf baths and go to school
Ms. Keane: hi boys. first day?
Butch: uh yeah
Boomer: HI TEACHER!!!
Ms.Keane: its ms. Keane not TEACHER!!!
Boomer: oh then hi ms. Keane!
Ms. Keane: sit withe girls
Bubbles: how are they?
Blossom: their the… omah god!
Buttercup: What the… oh god bubs!
Ms. Keane: shushers now girls and lethe boys do their junk.
Buttercup: HOLY CRAP! don't the hell say 'do their junk'!
Blossom, Boomer, Butch, Bubbles: BUTTERCUP!!!!!!
Brick: ummm…….
Ms. Keane: i didnt wanna say this, but SHUT UP!!! now boys, show yer stuff
and then sit down.
Brick: this is my pocket knife collection. any q's peeps?
Blossom: YER HOT!!!
Brick: okaaaay……
Fan fiction by rrbXppg posted over a year ago
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[ lets start with the greens]

bc; that jackass butch made go on adate with him
butch;ready kauro
bc;yes to die
butch; why babe
bc; toget away form you
butch;if u dont want to go on a date then we can go to the park
bc;thanks i guess
butch;come down
[in the park]
bc;so butch not to be noise but why did u ask me out
butch; well bc i guess i like u
bc; but u should know that were enimies
butch;we use to be
bc;soo wat do we do know
butch;one to get an ice cream
bc;ok race u there
butch;fine but lets make it intresting if i win u have to pay and if u win ill be ur servent for a week
bc; deal
[running to cart]
bc;ha i won
butch;ok so wat do u wnat me to do miss bc
bc; miss bc dont call me that butchie
butch;fine lets get our ice cream
man;wat flavor
butch and bc;chocolate please
man;here u go have a nice day
Fan fiction by cuteppgzxrrbz posted over a year ago
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ppgz love 1

(In school)

ms.kean:Class we have 3 new student
(ppgz dont know rrbz)
(rrbz walk in)

brick: Im brick
butch:sup im butch
boomer:yo im bommer
ms kean:brick sit next to momoko butch sit next to kaoru boomer behind miyako
boomer; hi miyako
miyako;hey whats up
boomer;so will u go out with me
miyako;fine wateves
butch;hey pretty girl
kaoru;dont call me that
butch;k wat about babe
kaoru;never call me that in hell
butch; fine but you have to go out with me
kaoru;no just leave me alone pervent
{lunch time ]
[the boys go to the girls table]
boomer;hey miyako
brick;hey red
brick;so will u go out with me
momoko;no have a bf
brick;who is it red
momoko;none of your bussnies
brick;ok red

Fan fiction by rrbXppg posted over a year ago
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bloss:mom im going out tonight
bloss mom:with who
blossy:just a friend from school
bloss sis: blossy a boy or girl
bloss: no of you busnnies
sis:a boy
bloss:no and gotta go
blossy: hi bricky
brick:hey lest go
(they head to the park)
brick:soo bloss would you like to be my gf
blossy: sure bricky
(about to kiss until)
princess:oh bricky-poo
princess: bricky why are you doing with this slut.
bloss:im not a slut im his gf
princess:oh really then prove it

(blossoms kissed brick)
princess:noo it dosent matter all go to my next crush bommie
reds:have fun
(they hed to the candy shop)

blossom:lost and lost of candy
brick:i know......lest get all of it
blossom:ok then the park........brick is something wrong
Fan fiction by rrbXppg posted over a year ago
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BLOSS:hey can we ask you a question
bc:on the date were going as friends right
bubbles: cuase we have bf
ppgz:we like you too
butch: wat about your bf
ppgz:we made it up
rrbz:wat why did you,do that
bubbles:cuase we thought you guys,were jocking
bommer: no were not and since you did that we are giong to tell your secreat
ppgz:no and will do this
rrbz: wat
(ppgz kissed rrbz)
rrbz:ok were good
bc:so butch were are we going
blossom;where are we going
bricky:candy shop and park
bommie:bubs were going to the park and mall
ppgz & rrbz:were dating are enemies
bloss: we have to keep this a secreat
(shool ended)

Fan fiction by rrbXppg posted over a year ago
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Blossom: come on bc we have to go to school
Bc: im coming
Ms.kean: hello class I want you guys to meet
3 new students. come in a say you names.

Brick: sup im brick
bommer:im bommer
butch;yo im butch

ppgz:no way
princess:ms.kean can brick sit next to me
kean:no brick sitting next to momoko bommer behind mikayo and butch next to kaura.
(lest begin with the reds)
brick:hey blossom (with a smirck)
momoko;firts of all my name is momoko and 2 of all why do you think im blossom
brick: I know your blossy cuase of your belt
momoko:ohh and please dont tell anyone
brick:ohh im going to tell
momo; please all do anything
brick:fine,but you have to go out with me
bloss:this is a joke right
bricky:no I really like you
bloss: fine al go but just as friends
Fan fiction by mimi678a posted over a year ago
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Once they get to Boomers house, Sydney sits on the couch and Brick and Butch come down the hall to see who came inside.

Butch: Who's the hag?

Boomer: -____-...she has a name you know...her name is Sydney

Sydneys phone starts ringing and the ringtone sounded like this:link

Sydney: That was a text from my sisters...their wondering where i am at, i told them so they are coming...

Boomer: Thats fine...

Then a suddon storm came in...then a knock at the door and Butch answered it it was Sydneys sisters. Turns out, they were supoosed to be triplettes, but they all changed themselves

Bridgette the one with the black short hair, and Cindy the one with the long red wavy hair came rushing in and they hugged their sisters

Cindy; We we're so worried about you sis!!!

Review by bubbles223 posted over a year ago
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Bubbles , boomer calls wear r you she calls bake in the room her pregnancy line was showen and she was in pain boomer could do Nuttin to help her but a week later she is now giveing berth to a baby girl she loke like boomer but like bubbles blossom ,brick , butch , bc were there and she had a sweet ending expect that Thay hant fond out that bubbles and boomer did you know wat and next day bubbles was.throwen. up and a kiking started at ,her tummy and that night ,she sleeps on the cowch and in the midl ,of the night she skrems Thay rush to the neerest hospitl and. She gave berth thar to a boy and named ,him

The end

Article by bubbles223 posted over a year ago
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So thar was bubbles in bed her belly line showing like bad and boomer couldnt do enything about it and she wanted to call her sisters and his brothers and a dokter so to see wat the baby was but unfortunately there were 2 baby's bubbles was shaked boomer was suprised that 2 baby's were on there way in nine week's and in her kunditun she couldn't walk at all she had to be toted to and from her room and she gave berth to a baby girl and baby boy.and she tuke home both of Thom and named Thom Brooke and Brandon.and boomer was crying so hard his bros wint to say hi to the new borns and Thay look like bubbles but aket.like. Boomer and bubbles and Thay always talk to there mom and fout there dad and Thay loved everyone in there famoly and love. Ther kind mom and strong dad untill moma had one more baby girl her name was Bella and the name was as cut as bubbles and she aket and look like her and now she is 16 and I mean to day and this.story is real